ROAD FC 027: Legendary Korean fighter Choi Hong-Man promises a stunning comeback in the Openweight Tournament

Choi Hong-Man

16 December, 2015 – ROAD Fighting Championship will make an historic global expansion into China with ROAD FC 027 Korea’s celebrated fighter “Techno Goliath” Choi Hong-Man shrugs off the ring rust and promises a thrilling comeback Choi Hong-Man, legendary Korean giant.

“Techno Goliath” Choi Hong-Man is one of the most famous Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Artists to come from South Korea.  He stands at a giant 2.18m and possesses the skills to make him a threat to anyone in the cage or ring.

Choi started his martial arts career in ssireum, traditional Korean wrestling and won the 2003 Cheonhajangsa Ssireum Championship.  Following wrestling, he took up Kickboxing and became the K-1 Seoul GP 2005 Champion. Choi has notable wins over Semmy Schilt, Gary Goodridge, and Mighty Mo.

From 2006 to 2009, Choi Hong-Man fought MMA in K-1, PRIDE and DREAM, against the top fighters of the golden era such as Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Filipovic, and Minowaman.  Then at 27 years of age he was called for mandatory military service and his fighting career went on indefinite hiatus.

As Choi’s health issues improved, he lost an incredible amount of weight, and eventually began to dream of the ring again.  Then, in early 2015, Choi signed with ROAD FC to make his MMA comeback.  He joined the ranks of other legendary Korean MMA fighters also making their comebacks in ROAD FC, such as Yoon Dong-Sik and Choi Mu-Bae.

Choi’s devastating return

The “Techno Goliath” made his 6-year return to MMA at ROAD FC 026 in Japan in July of 2015.  He faced dangerous opponent Carlos Toyota on the black belt’s home turf.  Choi stated:

“I’m trying not to stress too much, but it’s been a long time since my last fight, I’m not sleeping well because I’m excited.   Before my very first fight, I felt the same way.”

However, immediately before the event, the media began swirled accusations of Choi’s financial duress.  When Choi got in the cage, it looked as if the pressure had gotten to him, or the ring rust was too strong.  The “Techno Goliath” had his 6-year comeback brutally spoiled when Toyota landed a punch that KOed the giant at 1:29 of the first round.

Choi was silent at the post fight press conference.  Later he stated:

“I apologize to everyone for my performance.  I did train hard for my comeback.  The stifling media accusations were invasive, they definitely affected me.”

Choi then fell away from the public eye for a while.  When “Techno Goliath’s” high profile financial issues were resolved, he was determined to return to the sport of MMA. Choi was signed for the Openweight Tournament starting on 26 December at ROAD FC 027 in China.

Choi Hong-Man1.0


Choi Hong-Man renewed

Finally, Choi Hong-Man is breaking his silence about the unfortunate comeback and his disappearance.  Now Choi confides:

“Right after that match, I didn’t think at all.  I left my own mind for two months.  I was confused, I had a lot going through my head.  Fighters know this feeling.  It’s really hard to get back to normal.  But I tried hard, and I did it.  During those two months, my mind was refreshed, and I’m completely changed.  There was something missing when I was in Japan.  All those issues are gone.  I’m totally different than I was in Japan.  I’m back to normal.  I’m just like what I was when I started (fighting).”

Choi also is exuberant about his skills returning with his mindset, as he shares:

“I’m training like when I first started.  When I wake up, all I think about is training.  That’s all I know and that’s how I’m going to survive.  My outlook has gotten much brighter.  I’m just going to laugh about my past.  2016 is going to be a year I keep getting better.”

Choi Hong-Man also has some tough words for his next opponent, the young Sanda phenom Luo Quanhao who may be looking at Choi as a stepping stone given the recent result.  Choi states:

“Well, because of how I performed in my last fight – it was not MMA – I might not be qualified to say this…  But now, I promise you that I’m going to show you what real MMA is.”

Choi still remembers what it is like to hear the audience clamor for him, and he says:

“Whenever fans shout my name, it’s such a support.  I will do my best.”

XIAOMI presents ROAD FC 027 in China

XIAOMI presents ROAD FC 027 will take place on 26 December at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, an 18,000-capacity venue.  China’s corporate giant XIAOMI – the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world – is the title sponsor for ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai.  Korea’s premier sports property will break into the China market with an unprecedented live broadcast on China’s state television broadcaster CCTV to a potential audience of over one billion people.   This historic event will also air live on Qinghai TV and streamed on CNTV.

For this remarkable event, Asia’s finest MMA athletes will be competing against one another from Korea, China, Japan, and the USA.  The very first Openweight Tournament in Asia will be held, featuring a rematch between famous veterans Mighty Mo Siliga and Choi Mu-Bae; China’s 140-kg prodigy Aorigele versus reality TV sensation Kim Jae-Hun; and Korea’s kickboxing KO artist Myung Hyun-Man versus China’s towering Liang Lingyu. Finally, Korean MMA superstar “Techno Goliath” Choi Hong-Man will also take part in the tournament against Luo Quanhao.

Also on ROAD FC 027 in CHINA, China’s top lightweight and UFC TUF China winner Zhang Lipeng will debut with ROAD FC against Korean Taekwondo master Hong Young-Ki in an action-packed style-versus-style match up. China’s “King of Sanda” Zhao Zilong will face Japanese pro-wrestling legend Minowa Man in a match with global appeal and historical significance.

The Main Card of Xiaomi Presents ROAD FC 027 in China will be broadcast live at 20:30 China Standard Time on CCTV in China.  The event will be internationally streamed on  The full undercard will be broadcast in China on Qinghai TV at 19:00 CST.

Tickets are now on sale for XIAOMI presents ROAD FC 027 in China at

ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment. As we say in Korea, “Fighting!”

Event: XIAOMI presents ROAD Fighting Championship 027

Date: Saturday, 26 December, 2015

Place: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai, China

Live at 19:00 CST

Main Card live at 20:30 CST

In China: Live on CCTV, Qinghai TV

In Korea: Live on SuperAction

Internationally: Live PPV stream on

Tickets on sale!! 

Main Card:

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match

  • Siala-Mou Siliga vs Choi Mu-Bae
  • Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match
  • Choi Hong-Man vs Luo Quanhao
  • Lightweight Match
  • Zhang Lipeng vs Hong Young-Ki

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match

  • Liang Lingyu vs Myung Hyun-Man
  • Light Heavyweight Match
  • Zhao Zilong vs Ikuhisa Minowa

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match

  • Aorigele vs Kim Jae-Hun
  • Women’s Strawweight Match
  • Yan Xiaonan vs Nam Ye-Hyun


  • Bao Yincang vs Mungutsooj Nandinerdene

Opening Fights:

Featherweight Match

  • He Nannan vs Tanaka Daisaku


  • Zhao Zhikang vs Choi Mu-Song


  • Yibugele vs Choi Jong-Chan



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