ROAD FC 028 results & photos: Cha Jung-Hwan KO’s Riki Fukuda to become new Middleweight Champion

1 Kim def Cho

5 Cha Champ

5 Cha def Riki 1

3 Alateng def Kwon

2 Park def Liu

Xiaomi presents ROAD FC 028 Official results and photos from Cha Jung-Hwan’s Middleweight title capture

January 31, 2016 –  Xiaomi presents ROAD FC 028 was held on 31 January, 2016 at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. Riki Fukuda’s Middleweight Championship defense against Cha Jung-Hwan was the Main Event.

Cha Jung-Hwan captures the Middleweight Championship

Riki’s title defense went into the second round with Cha.  Riki grew increasingly more dominant yet the experienced Cha defended well, even while getting the worst of Riki’s punches.  Those punches got heavier and heavier in the second, and Cha looked almost finished.  But it only took a moment for the tide to turn, as Cha to threw two well-timed hooks and one to the temple which dropped Riki to his knees and out, and transferred the belt to a new owner.  The crowd was on their feet with the stunning come from behind upset, and Cha himself was just as surprised as he dropped to his knees in ecstatic disbelief.  

After CEO Jung Mun-Hong strapped the belt around Cha’s waist, Cha stated:

“I’m a welterweight fighter, so I’m really thankful to ROAD FC for giving me the chance to fight for the Middleweight belt.  I want to thank Choi Mu-Gyeom and everyone at MMA Story for taking care of the gym while I was focused on training for the fight for two months.  I wanted to quit after the first round because my ribs are really hurt, but so many fans came to see me so I could not give up. Thank you all so much.”

Moon Jea-Hoon out-kicks Yuta Nezu

In the Co-Main Event, Moon Jea-Hoon and Yuta Nezu put on the kicking war that everyone expected.  Moon demonstrated that Taekwondo is quite effective in MMA, while Nezu showed off his Muay Thai’s incredible speed and agility.  The dynamics of the fight changed over and over as Moon switched to punches and Nezu landed takedowns.  However, when the final bell rang, it was the points that mattered.  Moon had his hand raised in a split decision, and the Korean fans went wild.

Alatengheili earns a razor thin decision over Kwon Min-Seok

Decorated wrestler Alatengheili and highly experienced kick boxer Kwon Min-Seok ran the gamut of MMA techniques in a fight that was anything but predictable.  Alatengheili threw everything he had at Kwon, including textbook takedowns and some vicious punching.  Kwon mixed up his game too, however he kept going back to he bread and butter kicks that took the wind out of Alatengheili.  As the points were tallied, it was Alatengheili’s brilliant first round that edged out the split decision in his favor.

Park Jung-Eun submits Liu Xiaoni at the end of a thriller

In the only women’s bout on ROAD FC 028, 19-year old sambo champion Park Jung-Eun and 18-year old sanda champion Liu Xiaoni set the benchmark for ROAD FC’s plans for women’s MMA in 2016.  Both women came out of their corners with speed an ferocity that belied their youth.  While fans were familiar with Park’s well-rounded skill set, Liu, being a debutant, was a surprising diamond in the rough when she not only defended Park’s ground work with effective grappling defense, she even began to match her throws and submission attempts.  Park revealed a high level of intelligence when she reversed an ill-placed guillotine choke by Liu into a head and arm choke that stopped the fight.  Park earns her first win on top of 2 losses that were absolute thrillers, and Liu quickly made a name for herself in ROAD FC.

Kim Hyung-Su’s wrestling shines against Cho Byung-Oak

Kim Hyung-Su and Cho Byung-Oak’s match carried a lot of weight for the two fighters looking to break into ranking status in the competitive featherweight division.  It was obvious they were both aware of it when they tentatively felt each other out at the start.  Kim seemed to have a plan in mind when he let Cho come at him with punches.  Kim aggressively went after the takedown, quickly found his timing, and implemented that game plan for the rest of the fight.  Kim’s hand was raised with the decision win.

ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment. As we say in Korea, “Fighting!”

Event: Xiaomi presents ROAD Fighting Championship 028

Date: Sunday, 31 January, 2016

Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea


5th Middleweight Championship

Cha Jung-Hwan defeats Fukuda Riki by TKO at 2:37 of 2R

4th Bantamrweight Match

Moon Jea-Hoon defeats Nezu Yuta by split decision 2:1

3rd Bantamrweight Match

Alatengheili defeats Kwon Min-Seok by split decision 2:1

2nd Atomweight Match

Park Jeong-Eun defeats Liu Xiaoni Submission (ArmTriangle) at 2:24 of 2R

1st Featherweight Match

Kim Hyung-Su defeats Cho Byung-Oak by decision 3:0



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