ROAD FC kicks off Hunan TV partnership with reality series plans, Changsha event

ROAD FC kicks off Hunan TV partnership by outlining plans, announcing ROAD FC 032 in Changsha.

25 March, 2015 On 22 March, 2016, ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong attended a meeting with Hunan TV Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sun Jianping, General Manager Wang Pingbo and other top level executives to discuss and launch the new partnership.

During their in-depth exchanges, both agreed to work together to open a new sports and entertainment cross-border cooperation, to build Asia’s sports entertainment industry’s top brands.

The partnership with Hunan TV will encompass a broad variety of issues. It will enhance the production level of ROAD FC events, promote event brand communication, create a phenomenal reality show, carry out charitable actions, and include many other aspects of the depth of cooperation.

ROAD FC CEO Jung stated,

“ROAD FC has a positive social mindset and high energy in its approach to events, and Hunan TV reflects enthusiasm and promotes positive energy. The ROAD FC and Hunan TV partnership is built on cooperation and a desire to build. Together we will create amazing sports entertainment.”

Hunan TV General Manager Wang stated,

“The utmost priority is to jointly build mixed martial arts events with the core being international entertainment sports; it is an integrated platform to achieve a win-win situation for the brand value of both ROAD FC and Hunan TV.”

ROAD FC 032 will be held in Hunan’s capital city of Changsha on 25 June, 2016. Owing to the partnership with Hunan TV, ROAD FC 032 is expected to be a festival of stars – not only fighters, but celebrities and entertainers as well.

Prior to this event, Xiaomi ROAD FC 030 will take place on 16 April in Beijing, China, and ROAD FC 031 will take place on 14 May in Seoul, South Korea.



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