Rob ‘C4’ Sinclair Returns at BAMMA 21!


Rob ‘C4’ Sinclair Returns at BAMMA 21!

BAMMA 21 will see the return of a BAMMA legend in the shape of the former World Lightweight Champion Rob Sinclair.

Thursday May 14th, 2015– Rob ‘C4’ Sinclair (12-3) comes back from a horrific leg injury that could have ended his career two years ago. The lightweight trailblazer managed to defy expecations and get back in the ring earlier this year. Now looking to sharpen his skills, he will make his BAMMA homecoming at the Barclaycard Arena against U.S. slugger Micheal Brightmon.

‘The Beast’ Michael Brightmon (13-5) was last seen at BAMMA 17 against Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher where he pushed Freakshow to the limit in their back and forth battle. Based out of Team Absolutu & Gorilla House, Brightmon will be out to spoil the homecoming party for Sinclair.

WATCH Rob’s last bout at BAMMA vs. Andre Winner:

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Rany Saadeh Crime Fighter
Rany Saadeh

The BAMMA Flyweight champion Rany Saadeh may have just recovered from a staph infection, but that didn’t stop him from turning crime buster as a shoplifter tried to rob perfume from a local beauty store. When our Champion saw what was going down, he gave chase to the thief and managed to stop him with a double leg takedown and wait for help to arrive.

Rany said of the incident “I just wanted to help. Whenever I have the chance to help, I help. There was this guy stealing just in front of my eyes, running out of a shop with the goods. When I saw the helpless looking security staff I just reacted and chased the guy out of the mall down the road until he stopped. To not get into trouble with the law by beating up the guy I chose to take him down with a double leg and pin him until police arrived. A shame the shop owners didn’t appreciate what I was doing for them, so this Batman isn’t working for them anymore 😉 At least I know the guy is thinking twice now before he causes any trouble.
It was my first day out of hospital after 12 days in but I felt good while running and wrestling so I hope to showcase these fighting skills in the BAMMA cage soon.”
(Link to original story on Bloody Elbow)

Spotlight On Pinterest
Spotlight On Pinterest

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