Robert Davis ready to rumble at 559 Fights 64

Before Robert Davis fights Chris Avalos for the CAMO State Welterweight Championship in the main event of 559 Fights 64 on Saturday in Fresno, Calif., the 170-pound Seaside, Calif., prospect spoke with FightBookMMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

One of my buddies was doing MMA and I asked if I could start training, be his sparring partner, help him out. I kind of fell into it, head-first and it just took off. I’m sticking to it and keeping to it, every day.

Are you surprised by how far you’ve come in a relatively short time?

Oh yeah. It’s crazy. Nothing is overnight, obviously. You’ve got to put in the time and work hard to get where you want to go.

Why do you think you’ve been so successful, so far?

My team is training all of the time. They’ve very supportive of me and what I do – helping me train and getting me ready for any fights that may come my way.

Do you work outside of MMA?

Yeah, I actually have two jobs. I’m a full-time lube tech and I bounce at a nightclub.

How do you balance everything and still find time to train?

I don’t. I’m not sure how I balance it. I’m only human. I’m at work til six, I’m at the gym from six til eight, then I’m at work again from nine til six again. I’m just making it happen.

What’s at stake in your upcoming fight?

I don’t know, really. I’m just here to fight. I’m training all of the time and I’m making this weight cut. It’s going pretty well. I’m just staying focused on fighting and there’s nothing else to it.

Do you have long-term goals in MMA?

Yeah, since day one I’ve been talking with coaches and training partners and we figured that you can get a couple of belts and state titles, you can become a bit more marketable. As you get chips in your pocket, you can barter a little bit. Right now, I have one championship belt from an amateur boxing fight. It helps me that I’m a fighter so I can put myself out there on each platform available.

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