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I would like to thank first my wife Laura Monroy for being there for me and supporting me I love you. I also would like to thank my FightBook MMA family/team Laura Monroy, Timothy Prindle, Rudy Lara, Danny Pena, Roberto Hernandez, Shankar Gurung, Samara Aixa Roura. And I would like to thank Hostan Hawk Gouthier ( for helping me out. With out y’all none of this would have happened. And I mean it when I say that.

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My journey began as a young boy growing up in Juarez, Mexico. Ever since I was born I would live with my grandparents during the summer, this would go on for 15 years. Living in Juarez was rough! I remember me getting picked on and bullied in school. And it did not stop there, from time on, I would get bullied in school back in the states all because I was different, just because I knew Spanish.

When I got older, I did not realize that my uncle was a Luchador in the Lucha Libre (a Spanish version of WWE). I remember when he would take me to one of his matches where I met many wrestlers. From then on, I fell in love with the sport. I started practicing in his ring whenever I would get dropped off and stay with my grandparents during the summer. And the cycle went on over and again…

I would go to school; I would get picked on, bullied. Until one day, I could not take it anymore! I beat the crap out of one kid as everyone in school were amazed at what I did. I remember when, the kids would ask me how I was able to do the moves I did. It was then, where I laughed, smiled and walked away. At that point, I knew whom to thank, my uncle. And as Years passed, I still practiced with my uncle.

But then one day, we sat down, turned on the TV and there it was! A rerun of the UFC. All I can say was… WOW! I want to do that. At that point in time, my uncle looked at me. He knew right then, and there I was going to do that. When I went home, I found a place that was able to take me in for free Because, well… my dad did not make much money. And so, I began my quest to learn the art of KARATE. I loved it! But then again, I wanted more. So I started Kickboxing 13 years ago as I fell in love with the sport.

I trained with my good friend John Vigil seven years ago where I learned BJJ and sharpened my skills as a kick boxer. I’ve had my kickboxing matches, and won some with a record of– 3-1.

I do not fight anymore. Ever since, I moved from Albuquerque, NM and moved to Houston, TX 6 years ago. And Now, I train at home and teach some friends. My goal is to get certified as a Coach and Conditioning and open my own gym. While all this time training and fighting, that is. I went to Pima Medical Institute and received my Registration as a Registered Medical Assistant.

I still work as an RMA now. I talk with my patients and tell them what I do after work. They are surprised and can’t believe it! I remember them telling me… “You do that UFC stuff? You are too nice; you do not seem like you do that stuff!” Once again, I smile and tell them… “That’s good.

I do not want people to see me as a Fighter. I want you to see me as an outgoing person and a friend.” I opened a Facebook page group 1 year ago so I can have people get involved in Combat Sport News, and discuss MMA topics and whatever they want. It’s going very well. Well, that’s my story as how I got involved in the MMA World. Hopefully, I can open my MMA Gym, to help others, to help them achieve their goals as a FIGHTER.


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