Ryan Ford Fights Jake Shields With A Broken Arm

By: Roberto Villa  At WSOF 14 Canadian mixed martial artist Ryan Ford fought against Jake Shields and lost via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 4:29. Before his fight with Jake Shields at WSOF 14 Ford broke his forearm. In the video below, Ford talks about having to fight Shields regardless of his injuries. “Part of this game is putting your body through hard work, and unfortunately, two days ago, on Tuesday, at the end of sparring, I broke my arm,” Ford said in the video. “I found that out yesterday after seeing my doctor for the x-ray results. Yeah, I have a broken ulnar bone…I don’t have a choice but to fight. It’s funny, I have the toughest challenge ahead of me, October 11th against Jake Shields, and now I get thrown another challenge, fighting him with a broken arm.” “We’re not in a sport where insurance is available where you get injured, nine days, ten days out from a fight and you get paid. Don’t work like that. You step into the cage, you get paid,” he continues to say, “This is how I feed my wife, my two kids, I put a roof over there head, so the only option I have is to step into that cage, put on a hell of a fight, and get paid. Broken arm or not.”

(the video was originally posted on Vimeo and is no longer available to the public)
(Filmed 10/02/2014)