Said Maalem says Fakhreddine has personal issues with other Arab fighters: ‘Especially Algerians’

Milan, Italy – BRAVE CF 52’s main event just got a lot more personal for both Mohamed Said Maalem and Mohammad Fakhreddine. The protagonists of the historical fight night have been trading shots since their proposed bout fell through and Said Maalem has taken up a notch again by accusing Fakhreddine of having personal issues with other Arab fighters.

Speaking in the Road to BRAVE CF 52 series that will drop next week, Said Maalem gave his overall impressions of his adversary turned arch-enemy and shared that he felt Fakhreddine behaves differently when he faces an Arab fighter as opposed to other athletes, such as Russians, and said ”The Latest” especially has issues with Algerian fighters, remembering Fakhro’s rivalry with Tahar Hadbi.

”Fakhreddine is very disrespectful, regardless of family, country, or anything, as a person he is not polite and is cocky and obnoxious. This isn’t the first time he does this to an Arab fighter, he fights with foreigners and Russians and acts like the respectful well-raised fighter, but when he fights an Arab or Algerian, especially Algerian, he disrespects them and loves to act like he is much better, scarier opponent who scares everyone. When even a fly isn’t scared of him”, said Said Maalem, who went as far as to accuse Fakhreddine of having mental issues.

”To me, he’s a silly individual who went out of his way to curse, I don’t curse. To me, he is silly and has mental issues.”

BRAVE CF 52: Bad Blood goes down on August 1st in association with The Golden Cage. In the main event, reigning Middleweight champion Mohammad Fakhreddine takes center stage as he looks to become a two-division titleholder when he takes on top contender Mohamed Said Maalem for the vacant BRAVE Combat Federation Light Heavyweight championship of the world. 

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