Second Gear Crew vs Cannonball & Talon Sept 3 in Philly at MLW Fusion TV taping

Major League Wrestling (MLW®) today announced a Tornado Tag Match: The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) vs. The Calling’s Talon & Cannonball at the FUSION TV taping portion of FURY ROAD on Sunday, September 3 at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

FURY ROAD has a special 6pm start time. Grab tickets at and the 2300 Arena box office. Tickets start at $15.

The match is a part of the FUSION portion of the card.

Rickey Shane Page has revealed the identities of two of the Calling’s flock with Cannonball and Talon thirsty for blood and massacre MLW’s mightiest… and now they’ll have their chance to do so – but it may come at an extreme price.

Ever ready for raising hell and busting heads, the Second Gear Crew’s 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice have stepped up and promise brawling and bedlam on September 3 when they battle The Calling.

The Calling and Second Gear Crew have been at war since the spring, with each side pushing the other to the edge of extreme… and destruction.

Since emerging in MLW, a loyal group of lethal masked men have plagued MLW. Now, Rickey Shane Page has revealed two members, Cannonball and Talon, who have a mission to massacre and maim Major League Wrestling’s mightiest.

Will the SGC continue their momentum as they hunt for tag team gold? Will The Calling’s newest devout doomsdayers destroy Manders and Justice?

Get your tickets and see it go down Sunday, September 3 in Philadelphia at


World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Kane (champion) vs. Willie Mack

Weapons of Mass Destruction Match for National Openweight Championship

Jacob Fatu (champion) vs. Rickey Shane Page

Kiss My Foot Match
Matt Cardona (with MSL) vs. Mance Warner

Winner Receives A Title Shot
Maki Itoh vs. B3CCA

Sessions by Saint Laurent with Mystery Guest

“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs. Ichiban


Street Fight!
AKIRA vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Kevin Blackwood vs. Alec Price vs. TJ Crawford

Tornado Tag Match!
Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) vs. The Calling’s Cannonball & Talon

Love, Doug vs. Little Guido

Tiara James vs. Zayda Steel

Snisky in action!

Some of the athletes and talent signed to compete and appear include:

  • The Bomaye Fight Club
  • 1 Called Manders
  • Matt Striker
  • Joe Dombrowski
  • Mister Saint Laurent
  • Plus MORE to be announced in the days ahead!
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