Self-Exclusion Schemes For MMA Fans

MMA is one of the most appealing and definitely the most thrilling sports in the United Kingdom. Millions of bettors like placing bets on this sport. It is becoming more popular as we speak and we can see a bright future for the sport in the country. There are several, self-exclusion schemes that are applicable to MMA, and below we will explain each one of them. 

Self-Exclusion Schemes For MMA

Self-exclusion is designed to help players and bettors who have gambling addiction or simply want to distance themselves from betting/gambling. These days there are 3 main options and each one is available to players from the UK. Below we will explain each one and reveal the main features and the main differences of each one. 


GamStop is one of the oldest and the largest self-exclusion scheme platforms out there. It is available only for the UK players and bettors and cannot be used outside the country, yet. Keep in mind that there are bookmakers accepting GamStop punters and the same thing affects online casinos. However, all UKGC betting and gambling sites are mandated to use GamStop. 

The idea is to create an account at this provider. Immediately all the sites that are even closely related to any form of betting are limited. Of course, GamStop covers only sites that are members of the network. All sites that are not will still be available. If a user tries to play games or place bets, he won’t be able to do that at all partners of GamStop. In other words, you won’t be able to place MMA bets until your self-exclusion period lasts. 

GamStop was founded in 2018 and it is growing as we speak. More and more sites are becoming members of this platform. It is completely free which makes it appealing and very popular across the country. A user can choose the duration of self-exclusion of 6 months, 1 or 5 years. You can change the duration and make it longer but you cannot choose a shorter one! 

It is important to add that you cannot cancel the self-exclusion ban. It must expire and only then you can place bets once again. You need to call GamStop support once the ban expires and wait another 24 hours. After that, you can bet. 


Gamban is designed for the same purpose as GamStop, but it operates in a different way. This is a software-based solution. It means that a user will create the account and install the software. It can be installed on any device such as a computer, iOS, Android and etc. 

Once installed, Gamban will block internet access to all gambling and betting sites. A user cannot remove or uninstall the software and it will remain active indefinitely. There is no way to bypass the software and there is no way around it using the targeted device. However, a player can use another device! 

This isn’t a free blocking system. You must pay fees for the software. There are several packages available so you can choose the one you like. We must add that Gamban will also block certain trading sites that look or have any relations with betting websites! 

Gamban has very appreciated thanks to the parental controls. Honestly, this is one of many reasons why it is so popular and has been used by thousands. 


BetBlocker is a similar method to Gamban and it works in the same way. This is software and you will need to create the account, choose the number of months you like, and a device on which you want to install the software. Immediately after, all gambling and all betting sites and even software of that kind will be blocked.

One, the major advantage here is the software capability. It uses an algorithm to test a site or other software and determine if it is linked to betting in any way. If the algorithm determines that it is, it will be blocked. As such, a user won’t be able to visit the site, use that software, or anything similar.  

We can say that the protection is impressive. This is software that has been in development for many years and it is developing as we speak. It will continue with development for a long period of time. 

One thing we must add is that there is no list of blocked sites. Other, platforms of the same type use these lists. As such, they are updated on a regular basis and new sites are added. However, before they are added to the list, a user can access the site and place bets! This isn’t possible with BetBlocker due to the fact there is no such list and it uses an algorithm that will determine the purpose of that website. It can be used by parents to block access to betting sites. 


If you want to distance yourself from MMA betting, use one of these three platforms. Each one has its pros and cons and each one is very effective. Pick the one you like and use it. You can still watch and enjoy MMA without any additional issues. 


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