Shamrock 318 official results and recap; Derik Scott talks Titan Games and submission win

St. Louis, MO- Shamrock 318 from River City Casino had a bit of everything for the sold-out capacity crowd that were on there feet for the fever pitched paced seventeen fight card. In the Main Event Omaha’s Erick Murray came into hostile territory to take on a streaking Ty Flores (four straight wins). After a short feeling out process it was Murray who landed first with a kick that seemed to stun Flores adding a nice knee from inside that ultimately gained Murray the take down. The fight made it back to the fight as Murray began finding his range landing several combos before Flores went in for a take down that Murray snuffed out. Just over a minute left after some back and forth on the cage Flores got his take down. The round finished up with Flores getting in some elbows. The second started and there was no feeling out process as Flores pressed the action coming out of his corner. Flores landed a smooth take down and Murray was looking good in a tight guard, but Flores transitioned to half guard before getting to full mount. Flores began to pepper Murray with hammer fists and the referee had seen enough at the 3:07 mark and Flores ran his streak to five with the TKO stoppage.

Bantamweights Dustin Lampros and Konner Shewmaker made up the Co-Main Event. Lampros the savvy pro out of Hard Knocks 365 in Florida welcomed Shewmaker for his pro debut. From the outset it was all Lampros imposing his will on the young Shewmaker and just under two minutes Lampros moved his unblemished record to 4-0.

The always fan favorite Shaun Scott took on fellow Middleweight Derek Holly in what could be said as unique. In the early going Holly was able to secure a big slam takedown but Scott had locked onto the neck of Holly and virtually “DDTd” Holly as the two hit the canvas, Scott was able to regain position landing a couple of shots before an illegal knee and having a point deducted which played heavy on the final tallies. The two both missed on some shots late to end the round. The second started with some short exchanges, Holly was able to land a few more from the outside before getting another take down but it was Scott that was active from the bottom landing some nice short elbows. The ground exchange became a stalemate and the two were stood back up by the referee. Scott was the aggressor when the fight resumed on the feet landing some clean shots that stunned Holly to finish the round. Early in the third Holly was once again able to secure a take down but after a few strikes from both once again became a stalemate and the fight was stood up. A visibly tired Holly shot in for a take that Scott snuffed out and made the transitioned and was able to get position and started firing off heavy shots only to stop and pose after a few by showing the crowd his physique. The bell rang and to the scorecards they went but not before the “American Ninja Warrior” contestant (coming this summer) Scott backflipped his way off the cage. The decision was rendered, and it went 28-28, 29-28 (Scott), and 28-28 ending the fight in a majority draw.

Readers may remember in the preview of this great Shamrock 318 card yours truly picked Travon Crawford and Dan Busch as a sleeper fight of the night. The two lightweights did not disappoint. In the first both were looking to land first, and Busch’s pressure allowed him to land some short elbows. After a brief exchange on the fence Busch earned a takedown. Crawford was able to roll through and get top position, but Busch defended well as the round ended. The second was fast paced and Busch much like in round one kept the pressure on getting an advantage on the feet early but Crawford who is no stranger to both giving and receiving heavy pressured shots after a short exchange Crawford was able to get a slick trip and took the back of Busch sinking in a rear naked choke very late in the round but the resilient Busch was able to hang on as the bell rang to end the round. Both were a little weary after the first two rounds, but both showed great resolve. Busch was able to secure a take down early followed by a few glancing shots was able to take the back of Crawford before Crawford was once again able to roll through but couldn’t mount much offense from the guard of Busch. The round ended with each fighter completely exhausted after a gritty and gutty performance. Busch was able to pick up the unanimous decision win.

Derik Scott and Calvin Glover went to work in lightweight action. Scott the Titan Games runner-up looked to press the action after a few missed shots from Glover. Scott landed a nice slam that brought the sold-out crowd to their feet. Scott went to work on the canvas and was able to secure the back of Glover and was able to lock in the rear naked choke. Glover done a nice job of trying to fight Scott’s hands, but Scott was able to completely sink it in and give him his second first round stoppage as a pro. You can hear Scott’s post fight interview below as some exciting things are around the corner for both Scott brothers in and out of the cage.

Derik Scott at Shamrock 318:

The pro portion of the card kicked off as crowd favorite David Evans made his pro debut taking on Sergio Robles. Evans out of the gate was looking to pressure Robles and was able to do so by getting on the inside with his punching and ultimately captured a take down and the powerful Evans was able to get Robles in a head and arm choke at just a shade under two minutes in the very first round to secure the submission win for in his pro debut.

The amateur portion of the card was highlighted by a battle for gold and not a pot of gold but the Shamrock FC Interim Welterweight gold between two undefeated gladiators in Max Choriev and Peter Keepers both coming in at 5-0. Both fighters showed poise and some great action but it was Choriev that in the end had the Shamrock gold put around his waist.

Ifran Mulabinovic took on Tim Eschenfelder and it was the polish ground game of Mulabinovic that would prove the difference as he picked up a triangle submission win in the first round.

The last kickboxing affair of the evening featured Super Heavyweights Vince Bantu and Austin Blau at the end of three exhausting rounds for the two it was Bantu picking up the unanimous decision win.

Tristen Overig was able to secure a second round armbar submission victory over a very game Scott Marler.

As one of my favorite cartoon characters Shaggy from Scooby Doo would say there was a “Zoinks” moment in the kickboxing matchup between Chuckie Brooks and Jason Brown. After three rounds of both fighters trading blows it went to the judges. The initial announcement was that Chuckie Brooks had won the battle 29-28 x3 and after a few pictures were taken and the two were fixing to leave the cage the zoinks set in as the second announcement was that Jason Brown was deemed the winner 29-28 x3.

Flyweights Karen Simoncelli and Shanon Robinson did battle and it was Simoncelli who was landing early and often before Robinson came from behind and won the bout by armbar midway through the first round.

Bruce Ha and Tyler Horton did battle on the kickboxing side of things. After three fun filled and action packed round Ha came away with the unanimous decision win.

Knockout of the night goes to Kenan Kapic as he landed a huge head kick to Dalton Seafler that had Seafler out on his way to the canvas in the first round.

Others that picked up unanimous decisions wins include Melissa Lober (kickboxing), Peter Lucitt, and David Frasier.


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