Shofight – Rising

Event Time: Apr 04, 2015 8:00 PM EDT
Venue: Branson Central Theater
Location: Branson, Missouri

Thursday April 2nd, 2015– ShoFIGHT returns to GFL on April 4 with championship MMA with “Rising” from the Branson Central Theater in Branson, Missouri. ShoFIGHT has made its mark with MMA fans as being a launching point for tons of fighters and top prospects in the Mid-South. Who will stand out, once the cage door closes?

In the main event, for the vacant ShoFIGHT Lightweight Title, Devon Webber (6-2) fights Ross Campbell (9-1). Webber is a versatile fighter who can win on the ground or in the standup. Webber is a powerhouse from Kansas and is looking at this fight to be his coming out party by giving Campbell his first loss via stoppage. 4 of Webber’s wins are via stoppage. Campbell is well-rounded and submitted 5 opponents, while KOing 4 others. Campbell can end a fight in the blink of an eye and is always looking for a KO or submission if the fight hits the mat. Look for both men to try out their striking in the early going to get a rhythm as both of these fighters like to set the pace.

In the co-main event, Brian Ramirez (5-2) takes on James Gerkey (5-1). Former ShoFIGHT champion, Gerkey has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top 125 lb fighters in the region. Gerkey has KO power in both hands and can end a fight with one punch. Gerkey has stopped 4 opponents and looks to do that once again in this fight. Ramirez is a quick starter and loves to mix it up right from the get-go. His last 3 fights, all wins, have come in the first round.

In other action, the ShoFIGHT Featherweight Title in on the line when Champion Adam Mink (2-0) battles Alex Rykhyla (1-0). Mink has fought in a title fight every time he has stepped into the cage and proven his meddle by coming away with 2 finishes, 1 via TKO and 1 via submission. Mink is a rising prospect in the Mid-South and looks to finish another fighter in impressive fashion. Rykhyla has a first round submission to his credit and will be more than happy to go hold for hold with Mink on the mat. Expect a chess match in this title fight.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring some of the top regional mixed martial arts talents from around the Mid-South. Watch all of the fights live on April 4 or any time after on video on demand (VOD) for life as ShoFIGHT & BRAWL Inc. present “Rising” live on pay-per-view exclusively at!

Shofight – Rising Fight Card

Main Event:

Devon Webber vs. Ross “Dental Floss” Campbell

Co-main Event:

Bryan Ramirez vs. James “The Beef” Gerkey


Rodrigo Contreras vs. Arvin “The Animal” Brad

Frankie McChristian vs. Darrin “Big Apple” Bentley

Alex Rhykyla vs. Adam “The Stink” Mink

“Super” Mario Reynaga vs. Andrew “The Beast” Siegismund

Cole Hagenbusch vs. James Curtis

Darrell Albers vs. Corbin Sochocki

Andrew “AJ” Kimzey vs. Bryce “The Skunk” Haffecke

Zane Schmeekle vs. Charlie Walls

“Psyho” Steve Myers vs. Shawn Bales

Datrick Elmore vs. Chet Mellington

Cody “KIDD” Kenaga vs. Jesse Moore

Noah Sanders vs. John Beemer

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