Side Effects of Lesser-Known Diets

There are all sorts of strange diets out there, but some are better-known than others. Below are a few lesser-known diets. These are among the diets that can actually do more harm than good. They are low in protein, which si the last thing a MMA fighter wants. By learning what can go wrong with these diets, you can learn what to look out for in more popular diets.

Flat Belly Diet

The goal of the flat belly diet is to, as the name implies, to get a flat belly. This is done by trying to get rid of water weight that can cause bloating. How does the diet go about achieving this goal? Oddly enough… by drinking more water. One of the staples of the diet is something called Sassy Water. This is water infused with vegetables and herbs. The diet suggests drinking at least one pitcher of this drink each day.

Can using this diet help to lose weight? In theory, there is nothing wrong with drinking a lot of water each day.  In fact, people are supposed to drink about eight glasses of water each day. However, if you are avoiding food while on this diet, that can lead to a number of health problems. If you drink too much water, you may face bladder problems. If you do not eat enough, you may also face lightheadedness and malnourishment, even if you feel full. Lightheadedness can lead to injury, even if you are just practicing your fighting. To combat malnourishment, you can take supplements and vitamins (if you want to stay strictly to this diet). When taking supplements, make sure to check the reviews, like with Thrive side effects.

Chewing Diet

Next up is the chewing diet. This diet focuses mainly on taking longer to eat your meals. The diet suggests taking thirty seconds to eat each bite. It doesn’t so much matter what you are eating, so long as you are taking a long time to do so. The thought behind this diet is that, if you take longer to eat your food, you will fill up on less food. In turn, you will eat smaller meals, which will naturally lower the amount of calories you take in. 

The biggest problem with this diet is that it doesn’t so much control what foods you can eat, just the length of time it takes for you to eat it. This means fighters could sit around eating donuts, which won’t do much to improve thier physical form. Another health problem it can cause is simply jaw pain. The last thing any MMA fighter wants is to have a pained jaw and then get punched in the jaw later. Can you say, “ouch?” Maybe with a pained jaw you can’t.

Baby Food Diet

Next up is the baby food diet, which is basically exactly what it sounds like. Dieters are encouraged to only eat baby food. This means the mushy stuff in jars, not the cute little TV dinners or drinking baby formula. This diet suggests you eat fourteen jars of baby food each day. Since baby foods are usually made up of fruits and vegetables, this is not a totally unhealthy diet. However, it is far from the perfect diet for body builders.

While many fruits and vegetables do have some protein in it, these foods do not have nearly as much protein as meat, soy products, and nuts have. These are also the types of foods that are not commonly made into baby foods. An MMA fighter needs to make sure that they have a lot of protein in their diet if they want to build muscle. For this reason, it is best that fighters, and anyone else who likes to eat solid food, avoid this diet. 

Strange diets will come and go, and that is why it is so important to be able to tell which diets are good and which are just fads. Always make sure to look for reviews and side effects of diets before trying them. Also, as a fighter, make sure to ask yourself if the diet is meant to help build muscle or just lose weight.


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