Slap Fighting Soaring in Popularity with a 239% Increase in Searches

Slap Fighting Soaring in Popularity with a 239% Increase in Searches

A controversial sport that is dividing people as to whether it should be celebrated or not, slap fighting is rallying more and more interest in the US. 

Data gathered by WSN showcases just how popular the sport is becoming: 

  • Year on year Google searches for ‘slap fighting’ have soared by 239% in the last year ​​
  • Year on year Google searches for ‘slap fighting championship’ have increased by 154% in the last year ​​
  • TikTok is the channel where Americans are consuming slap fighting content the most, with 89.4 million views on videos with #slapfighting
  • Slap fighting is now a licensed sport in Nevada, and is searched for the most in Nevada, Ohio, Missouri and Minnesota 

WSN spoke to sports betting expert Jon Orlando on the future of slap fighting, including how he thinks betting could come into play:

“When you take the greatest fight promoter of all time and pair that with an exciting new category, how can it miss? Dana White built the UFC into a multi-billion dollar company over the last 30 years. In the beginning ESPN wouldn’t even cover the sport, now they’re on ESPN or ESPN+ every single week! When you compare the production quality of what the UFC puts out to other MMA promotions there’s no comparison. They are a marketing machine and understand the importance of building up the fighters. I’m assuming they’ll use that same formula that they’ve already proven to be successful, with shows like The Ultimate Fighter Show, UFC Embedded, and all of the other content that they put out on a regular basis, I’m excited to see how Dana and his team grow Power Slap. Can you imagine a Power Slap video game with EA Sports? It’ll end up being one of the top selling video games of the year, mark my words. 

From a betting standpoint I’m curious to see how this unfolds. We all know gamblers will bet on what time the sun will rise if you’ll let them. However, this is such a volatile sport, I almost think every bout is going to be a pick ’em!”

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