“Slippery Pete” ready for anything

Top New England prospect Peter “Slippery Pete” Barrett recently got back to his winning ways with a first-round submission win at Cage Titans 38, improving to 9-2 in the process. After his recent victory, he spoke with FightBookMMA.

How important was that last victory to you?

It was really important to get a tick in the “W” column and get that momentum building so I can get back in the ring and taking fights that will get me to the next level.

With two straight losses, had you changed your approach to the sport in that time?

No. Obviously, lessons were learned with two back to back losses but I had to re-approach it with a newly lit fire. It was my first pro fight back and I couldn’t leave any stone unturned in my preparation.

Do you feel those losses will be a positive in the long term of your career?

Yes, most definitely. Looking at the ___ fight, I like to look at that fight as it took a really tough, game kid like that three rounds to finish me on my worst day. Me on my best day could stop anyone in the world.

How was Las Vegas with The Contender Series prep?

It was cool. We went out there a week in advance with the Cage Titans crew. One of the Cage Titans crew, Joey Gianetti, is on The Ultimate Fighter, so between him and Shaun getting out there for The Contender, we were able to get access to the UFC P.I. It was an incredible experience to see such an amazing facility – to see what the UFC is putting back out there for their fighters. You always hear the negatives and it’s good to see that facility made available to anyone on their roster – it’s incredible.

Was that experience motivating and inspiring in its own right?

Oh, absolutely. Just to see the support systems they have available. They have the best personal trainers in the world. They have the best nutrition coaches. We got to see some of the athletic tracking devices they use – the metrics they track are just incredible.

When would you like to fight next?

Right now, we’re planning on the next Cage Titans, which is the second week of June. Unless I’m presented with a better opportunity, but logistically, on paper, I think I’m ready for anyone. But a big win over a winning record in a stylistically slippery fashion would be best. Getting ready for June, but I’ll be ready for anything.

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