Southern vs. Rhoads locked & loaded following Prestige FC 2 Weigh-In Results

Friday March 11, 2016 Prestige FC 2: Queen City Coronation presented by SUBWAY® Restaurants and 104.9 The Wolf will march forward into Saturday night with two titles in the featherweight division.

The organization held its official weigh-in Friday afternoon ahead of the event which takes places inside the George Reed Auditorium at The Orr Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, and live on The Fight Network.

Kurt “The Hurt” Southern and Nick “Nyquil” Rhoads will vie for the men’s crown at 145 lbs. Southern, who fights out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, tipped the scales at exactly the 145 limit. Rhoads, who hails from Tucson, Arizona, stepped off at 144.8 lbs.

For the women’s featherweight belt, Jessy “The Widowmaker” Miele takes on Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet. Miele, a native of Prospect, Connecticut, weighed in at 143 lbs. Hometown fighter Tweet, however, needed extra time and only reached 145.4 lbs. Tweet forfeited 20% of her purse but the fight will remain a five-round title affair.

In a featured bantamweight showdown, rising star Aiemann Zahabi, the younger brother of renowned trainer Firas Zahabi, weighed in at 135.2 lbs., while his opponent and fellow top prospect Kyle Oliveira came in at 135.6 lbs.

Prestige FC 2 Official Weigh-In Results:
Featherweight Title Fight
Nick Rhoads (8-2) – 144.8 lbs.
Kurt Southern (14-6) – 145.0 lbs.

Featherweight Title Fight
Jessy Miele (5-2) – 143.0 lbs.
Charmaine Tweet – 145.4 lbs. *

Keith Smetana (10-6) – 182.4 lbs.
Devon Smith (3-1) – 190.0 lbs. **

Aiemann Zahabi (5-0) – 135.2 lbs.
Kyle Oliveira (3-1) – 135.6 lbs.

Catchweight (140 lbs.)
Chris Day (3-2) – 140.0 lbs.
Sean Quinn (7-6) – 139.8 lbs.

Micah Brakefield (7-6) – 185.4 lbs.
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (4-0) – 185.2 lbs.

Catchweight (220 lbs.)
Dan Amyotte (3-2) – 219.4 lbs. ***
Nick Campbell (7-6) – 219.2 lbs.

Josh Rich (3-1) – 134.2 lbs.
Brad Katona (2-0) – 135.4 lbs. ****

Damian Johnston (1-0) – 168.8 lbs.
Matt Zemlak (Pro Debut) – 170.4 lbs. *****

Ryan Wesaquate (Pro Debut) – 143.4 lbs.
Cory Chambers (Pro Debut) – 145.6 lbs.

Dallyn Wirachowsky (0-1) – 154.4 lbs.
Josh Goodheart (Pro Debut) – 154.6 lbs.

Catchweight (175 lbs.)
Thomas Richardson (2-0) – 173.8 lbs.
Derek Gatz (Pro Debut) – 174.6 lbs. ******

Myles Anderson (0-3) – 154.4 lbs.
Ryan Rohovich (1-3) – 156.0 lbs.

*Tweet forfeits 20% of purse to opponent after failing 2nd attempt on scale
**Smith forfeits 20% of purse to opponent after failing 1st attempt (did not try 2nd attempt)
***Amyotte weighed 220.6 on 1st attempt
****Katona weighed 137.0 on 1st attempt
*****Zemlak weighed 171.4 on 1st attempt
******Gatz weighed 175.8 on 1st attempt



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