Southwest Grapplefest set for Oct. 2 in Albuquerque, NM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Southwest Grapplefest is a sub-only Gi and no-Gi event which takes place on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021, starting at 2:00 p.m. MT in Albuquerque, NM. The event will be held at the Combat Sports Club and tickets can be purchased by going here.

This event will be an adults and kids event. Referee will be UFC fighter John “The Magician” Dodson. UFC vet Joby Sanchez from Gracie-Barra will take on Iyean Varela from 10th planet this will be a no-Gi competition. Also on the card is Ozzy Chavez fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico will meet Alex Jones fighting out of Colorado this is also a no-Bi bout. Below you can check out the updated fight card. Fight card and bout order is subject to change without notice.

Southwest Grapplefest fight card:

  • 1) Brandi Bowman 130lb blue belt Gracie Barra West NoGi vs Estrella Ramirez 130lb blue belt CTAG NoG
  • 2) Eric Buck 140lb advanced NoGi vs. Jesse Tafoya 140lb advanced NoGi
  • 3) Caleb Perlingos 170lb white belt Gracie Barra Roswell NoGi vs. Sean C Warden 170lb white belt Ufc gym Rio Rancho NoGi
  • 4) Dillion Szabo 210lb beginner United Fit NoGi vs. Israel Maysonet 210lb white AMMA NoGi
  • 5) Sean Baca 185lb blue belt Gracie Barra Abq NoGi vs. Andrew Serna 185lb blue belt independent NoGi
  • 6) Ray Vaiza 170lb intermediate NoGi vs. Aasin Hutras 170lb blue belt NoGi Carlson Gracie Abq
  • 7) Joby Sanchez 135lb Gracie Barra West NoGi vs. Iyean Varela 135lb NoGi 10th planet
  • 8) Leonard Ellison 200lb purple One Jiujitsu NoGi vs. Josh Lucero 200lb purple Gracie Barra Roswell NoGi
  • 9) Ray Martinez 145lb brown belt Gracie Barra West/ JW NoGi vs. Abe Garcia 145lb brown belt Baca Fighting systems NoGi
  • 10) Ozzy Chavez 160lb blue belt Fit Nhb NoGi vs. Alex Jones 160lb blue belt San Juan
  • 11) Matthew Tyler Norwood 285lb white belt NoGi vs. Damion Altamirano 285lb white belt Luttrell Yee NoGi
  • 12) Ryan Davis 185lb white belt independent NoGi vs. Freddy Sandoval 185lb white belt 10th planet NoGi
  • 13) Stetson Lewis 135lb blue belt One Jiujitsu NoGi vs. Keegan Poteet 135lb blue belt San Juan Bjj NoGi
  • 14) Alex Jones 170lb blue belt San Juan bjj GI vs. Aasin Hutras 170lb Blue belt Carlson Gracie Abq GI
  • 15) Leonard Ellison 195lb purple Jiujitsu GI vs. Daniel Fabrinho 195lb purple Gracie Barra GI
  • 16) Roberto Esquinca 200lb intermediate Jw family gym NoGi vs. Michael Santana Mikesell 200lb intermediate NoGi
  • 17) Andrew Gonzales 170lb Purple Gracie Barra GI vs. Joey Aranda 170lb Purple War Room GI
  • 18) Dominic Salcedo 125lb advanced 10th Planet NoGi vs. Mikey Lovato 125lb advanced Mustang Club NoGi
  • 19) Natasha Druggan 125lb purple Carlson Gracie Abq GI vs. Kateri Jojola 125lb purple Gracie Barra Abq GI
  • 20) Dominic Lowe 170lb beginner NoGi vs. Uriel Pedoza 170lb white NoGi Baca fighting


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