Staying Fit As An MMA Fighter

Fighting in MMA is becoming a popular thing to do. It takes a lot of discipline and desire to become good at it. Many people can suffer from serious injuries if they are not taking the right steps in preparing for fights. Here are seven ways fighters use to stay healthy as they prepare and fight in mixed martial arts.


It’s important that you’re training as close to the way you would actually be fighting. This means how you plan to be when you are in the octagon. Things like sparring and grappling are great ways to get into shape. They help you get your heart rate high for short increments, which would replicate what would happen in a real fight. The physical contact from striking and trying to create submissions will help all your muscle work.


It’s necessary that you warm up before both a training session and an actual fight. This can help prevent injury. There are many different styles of working out you can choose to do depending on how close your nearest fight is. You want to continually be aware of your weight as a fighter, so adding bulk muscle may not be what you need all the time. Heavy lifting is good but should be done in moderation. Having a good cardio plan and lifting regularly are great ways to help you stay lean and cut. You want to burn as much fat as possible as you exercise.


Your diet plays a part in how you fight. What you are putting into your body is what you will be getting out of it. All your training and exercising will be for nothing if you aren’t eating healthy. Keeping track of calories, fat intake, carbs, and proteins will help you maintain a strict diet. Eating multiple times a day will also help your metabolism. If there is certain nutrition you are missing at meals, you should take supplements such as green superfoods powder to help supply them.


The amount you rest will aid your muscle growth. You want to make sure you’re sleeping well and taking it easy on your body. It’s okay to take a day off, especially after hard training days. Whenever you feel some type of injury you need to stop and make sure you are okay before continuing on. A lot of fighters will experience major injuries while training because they don’t listen to their body’s responses.


The way a fighter cuts weight will play a role in how much energy they have while fighting. The more you try to cut, the more dangerous it can be. Your body is not meant to lose a lot of weight all at once. Many fighters will make the mistake of dehydration and suck the life out of their muscles. A slow gradual cut is the best way to shed weight.


Having a natural lifestyle can help a fighter stay healthy all throughout the year, not just when they are training. Many times, fighters will take a match on short notice, so being prepared at all times is smart. It also helps your body not to go into the shock of healthy and unhealthy living. Making sure you’re active, even when not preparing for a fight, can help. Your fight camps may not be as grueling, and the chance of injury can be less. Quitting bad habits like being up all night or too much screen time are just a few ways to keep your body in shape.


Try changing things up to keep it fresh. Doing the same things over and over again can often become monotonous and boring. This can make you complacent and deplete your health. Sometimes you may need to try new routines or training partners that will push you harder than what you’re used to. The location or gym you train in can also have an effect on you. To stay in the best shape and health, you need to be innovative and look for the best things for your body.

As a fighter, your body is the key to success. You need to take care of both your physical and mental health in order to be successful.


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