Staying Focused After Your Big Fight

It’s easy to let yourself go after your big fight. Win or lose, many forget the big picture, which includes taking care of your body. Heart health is crucial to living a long life. Without proper care and attention, the heart will suffer and cause other body areas to deteriorate. If you work in healthcare, you know how an ailing heart can affect your life. If you ignore your heart health for too long, you will be forced to change the way you live because of the way you feel. Instead of falling behind in caring for yourself, get out in front of any possible heart issues and take a look at these five things you can do now to improve your health and life.

1. Remain Active

It is easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Especially in the current climate, remaining inactive and complacent after a day of work is appealing. However, the heart is a muscle, and just like the others in your body, it will only get stronger if you get some exercise. The cardiac system will falter if you are not active enough. It will need to pump faster to push blood through it and the body. When it doesn’t get any kind of regular activity, it may start to become fatty and large. Getting 30 minutes of activity at least five times a week will work wonders for your heart health. This doesn’t mean you have to run or do high-intensity activities, although they do help improve your heart health. You can start by walking at a brisk pace and work your way up to more, the stronger your heart gets.

2. Get Yearly Physicals

Do you have a tendency to put off your medical appointments? It is easy to get caught up in your family’s health while allowing your own to fall by the wayside. However, attending your annual physical checkup is crucial to maintaining a healthy heart. Your physician can monitor the things that have a real impact on your heart at this appointment, such as your blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol. The blood work that is performed can help diagnose and monitor the treatment of any medical condition, including those related to heart disease. If you are already on medication, the doctor can check your progress and give you suggestions on making greater strides.

3. Eat Properly

Your body is a machine, the most complex on the planet. Like any other machine, it requires the proper fuel to work well. Food provides your body with the nutrients and energy required to power it. Not all food is created equal, and eating too much of the wrong kind can hinder your body rather than help it. A diet containing a good mix of vitamins such as those in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein can build a stronger heart. Supplementing with coq10 100 mg can also help increase energy and spur muscle growth.

4. Control Stress

Stress is something that seems unavoidable for most people. Between the pressures of work and family, it is easy to get bogged down and stressed out. The toll that stress takes on the body is great. When you allow yourself to remain in a constant state of flux, it can put a strain on your endocrine system and the heart. The hormones that drive stress include adrenaline. When there is too much produced because of the strain of life, it can cause the heart to work overtime. Adrenaline surges in short doses are fine, but when you remain stressed, it floods the body and makes the heart pump faster. Finding ways to control stress, such as therapy, exercise and meditation, can make a world of difference for your heart.

5. Get More Sleep

The body and the brain need to reset and recharge. Even though the heart pumps constantly, it still benefits from the downtime and restoration that comes from adequate sleep. When you get the proper amount of sleep, it allows the normal cycle to work its magic on the body. The ideal amount of sleep differs from person to person, but most adults benefit most from getting between seven and nine hours of sleep nightly.

As a healthcare worker, you are under immense pressure to help others. If you don’t turn some of that attention to your own heart health, you will find yourself falling ill and dealing with faltering body systems. Your heart health should take priority. Implement these tips now to help it remain healthy for years to come.


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