Steadying Unsteady Feet: Seven Strategies for Improving Mobility

As people age, they tend to become less steady on their feet. This then often leads to mobility issues that become progressively worse over time. If this unfortunate scenario matches your current circumstances and you want to improve your overall mobility, consider implementing the following suggestions.

1- Stretch and Strength

Proper stretching and strength are vital when it comes to improving mobility. You don’t need to go harder and curve for 30 minutes or so. Go short and plan 3 minutes stretching challenge.

Always try the right time to do the stretch, like when you step out after getting a shower because the muscles are warm and loose.

Another good way to stretch is when your body asks for stretching – you know, aches you feel after having a workout or sitting longer on a driving seat. So, give it what it wants to relax your muscles.

2- Ensure You’re wearing suitable footwear

When choosing footwear, look to purchase well-fitting, soft-soled shoes. By doing so, our stability should improve due to the footwear’s better fit and increased traction. Another factor that can cause instability is the height of the heel.

3- Choose your indoor exercise equipment carefully

In the covid-19 era, people prefer doing exercise at home to keep themselves safe. So, the treadmill is the most wanted equipment for an indoor walk or running. 

There are a lot of advantages associated with doing exercises on the treadmill. However, there is also some risk of injuries involved. When you are on the goal of steadying unsteady feet, you must consider getting a properly cushioned treadmill with a shock absorption feature to be gentle on your feet while walking or running.

4- Work simple balancing exercises into your daily routine

Simple balancing exercises (like standing on one foot) can help you improve your balance over time when performed daily. Be sure to stand within reach of a stabilizing object when performing such exercises if you lose your balance.

5- Join a tai chi class

Tai chi is a great low-impact exercise that works the various muscle groups needed to maintain a strong balance. Many people who partake in such classes report marked improvement in their overall stability, increasing mobility over time.

6- Consider alternative flooring options

It’s harder to stay balanced when walking on thick carpeting. Consider installing hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring in place of any existing carpets if you’re able to. Throw rugs should also be reconsidered as they aren’t flush with the floor and can slip beneath your feet.

7- Have your blood pressure checked

Low blood pressure is another factor to consider while steadying your feet. When changing different postural positions, you can feel dizziness, such as laying down on your back and then sitting up quickly.

Suppose you experience dizziness and feel unsteady on your feet with slight-headedness. Then, I must get a blood pressure checkup from a health care provider.


Lacking mobility is a natural phenomenon as you get to age. However, if you are not too old, have unsteady feet, and want to improve mobility, try these strategies.


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