Superior Combative Championships 10 Fight Card

Tuesday July 14, 2015– Superior Combative Championships X will be back In Galveston, TX on July 18th 2015.  Below you can find the SSC X Fight Card.

Superior Combative Championships is a Texas Amateur MMA Organization, and its family owned and operated right here in Galveston County. The promotion is highly respected and they professionally represent every fighter every fan as part of their family.

The promotions Goal is to promote MMA Events that are supported and respected by the community. The promotion have professional managers and staff that are creating a safe environment for the fans. SCC is a place where the fighters can compete in a licensed, sanctioned promotion.  

So come out and support your local MMA Promotion and Fighters that are competing on July 18, 2015 and grab your tickets below. You can watch the event live on just click on LIVE EVENTS and search for Superior X.

Ticket Prices are as follows:

  • $65 Cage Side
  • $45 2nd Row Table Seat
  • $35 3rd Row Table Seat
  • $30 General Admission

Get your tickets online at

SSC 10 Fight Card (Card Subject To Change):

Luke Crawford vs. David Kelly

Clovis Hancock vs. Edward Gonzalez

Tony Nguyen vs. Robert Walker

Chris Mitchell vs. Matt Reeves

Erick Brazier vs. Chase Eastham

Isaac Cruzado vs. Kesler Jones

Carlos Melara vs. Sergio Vicencio

Casey Malik vs. Tyler Marvel

Chris Wideau vs. William Zavala

Casey Jones vs. Phong Doan

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