Tamyra Mensah-Stock becomes first Black woman to win Olympic Gold Medal in Wrestling

Tokyo: Top-seeded U.S. wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock has become the first Black woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling.

Women’s wrestling was added to the Summer Olympics back in 2004, and a Black woman had never won Gold. Competing at 68 kg, just a shade under 150 lbs, Mensah-Stock dominated her opponents throughout the Tokyo Games and beating Blessing Oborududu from Nigeria by a score of 4-1 to win Gold.

When asked about her win after the match, she said: “Young women are going to see themselves in a number of ways. And they’re going to look up there and go: ‘I can do that. I can see myself.’”

Tamyra Mensah Stock Wins Second U.S. Women's Wrestling Gold Medal In History

After her win, Mensah-Stock formed a heart sign with her hands and showed it to both sides of the arena. According to Tamyra, the heart sign was a tribute to her loved ones, her father who died in a car crash after leaving one of her high school tournaments, her uncle, a former professional boxer, who died of cancer; her grandfather who also died of cancer; a late friend who was also a wrestler; her husband, her mother, her aunt, her sister, and the entire country. She states: “I’m trying to send love to everyone.”

You can watch Mensah-Stock become the first U.S. black woman to win wrestling gold in Tokyo Olympics by going here. You can also watch her MUST-SEE interview after winning wrestling gold by gong here.


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