Testosterone Replacement Therapy banned from UFC

Aging fighters may be left behind

By: Shawn Fierce McPherson

The idea that all fighters are on steroids is a common misconception. However, no longer will anyone be able to utilize TRT. What is TRT you ask? It is testosterone replacement therapy often used by aging fighters such as Chael Sonnen, Randy Couture and many more. TRT is often used to speed up recovery after an injury. Then there are just those fighters looking for an extra advantage.

Until recently, athletic commissions around the world gave permission to fighters to use certain amounts, but that time has passed. As a fan, I am glad to see things are becoming fairer for the fighters. Who knows, maybe one day we will see the inception of an old guy’s league where TRT use is unlimited. Think Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman 2.

This hits Vitor Belfort the hardest. Recent ultra impressive head-kick wins earned Belfort a title shot against Chris Weidman, but unfortunately for Belfort, during those fights his TRT levels were higher than Charlie Sheen on a binge night. Additionally, all those fights were in Brazil and the title fight had been scheduled to go down in Vegas. After the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) new stance on TRT, Belfort became a liability and was replaced by fellow Brazilian Lyoto Machida. On the bright side, Belfort will fit in fine with the other old guys in my fictitious old timers league.

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