The Basics of Betting on Combat Sports

Sports betting is an extensive field, which has assumed the stature of being an industry over the years.

It is not just football or cricket that one can choose to bet on. And neither is the domain confined to placing bets on horse racing.

Betting on sports has evolved over the decades and assumed more structure. The domain draws interested bettors from all walks of life and provides immense opportunities to make easy money.

It has served as a source of entertainment and for a long period. But like we said, betting on sports is not just about horse racing or soccer.

It has expanded and made its way into several other kinds of sports- boxing, wrestling and the like. And what we intend to discuss in this article are the basics of betting on any combat sport.

The dynamics of combat sports is a lot different than any other sport. The scoring and calculations are different for these sports, and therefore, the rules of betting must be discussed.

And you need to pay more attention to these basics of betting if you are just starting out. Therefore, if you intend to expand your repertoire of betting skills, read on to learn more.

Running through the Basics:

The rules of betting on combat sports are pretty simple. The sportsbooks place moneyline odds on different players, online, and you need to pick one player. If the player you picked wins the round, you win the bet.

It is as simple as that. However, what we need to pay attention here is that the scoring of the betting metrics on these sports is different than the other sports. We shall now move on to a blow-by-blow description of how the betting works.

You might want to pay attention to these to ace the space.

First, Choose the Right Sportsbook

The very first step that is involved in betting on combat sports is that of choosing a sportsbook. Online sportsbooks are genuine and honest, for the most part.

They have their intentions clean and shall not scam you. However, the onus to be cautious is upon you. Therefore, the first thing to do is choosing the right online sportsbook.

You can run a quick check of the online sportsbooks by entering the keywords in the directory. Select a sportsbook that has been approved by the betting community.

Read the review and testimonials, and you shall be able to get through to them. There are mostly three different types of sportsbooks that you can set an account with.

These are the Square books, Sharp books and Reduced Juice books. Having accounts set up with these books can bring in more variety on betting lines.

And these lines might also be better than the others in the market. Therefore, if you want to choose better lines for MMA, kickboxing, etc., choose the right sportsbook.

Second, Understand What a Line Is

The next thing to pay attention to is the concept of a line. There are essentially three types of lines that one must know of in combat sports betting.

These are the moneyline odds, fractional odds and decimal odds. Moneyline odds are mostly used in Canada and other parts of North America.

The fractional odds are most commonly used in the UK and Ireland. And the decimal odds are used mostly in Continental Europe.

Amidst all the differences between combat sports betting and betting on any other sport, one thing that stays common is the selection of odds.

You need to get the best odd at your disposal if you are to make some profits out of betting. You can visit various technical betting sites to view the comparison charts.

You can see these charts and track which way the odds are moving to place your best bets.

Third, Learn How to Choose the Winner

The third essential point to grasp is the ability to track the winner. You must be able to tell who has more chances by following a few points. These elements are as follows-

  • Make sure you have done adequate research on the players. You must have as much information as possible about them.
  • Always try to place your bets on the fighters or players who follow the game plan.
  • Never experiment with betting on inexperienced players if you intend to win.
  • Keep all the hype at bay. Not all that is trending or all the hype is true.
  • Always remember that betting on combat sports is not synonymous to a lottery. There are scorings and calculations that you can always make use of.
  • Never chase losses. Try to move on from the losses, or you might end up losing more. And if you happen to win consecutive bets, do not let that get to your head.
  • Never bet against the fighter you love the most. You might end up making deliberate mistakes.
  • When in doubt, go for no bets.
  • Keep track of your bankroll while betting.

These are some of the features that can help you win a bet. Therefore, try to follow them to the last letter.

Fourth, Never Ignore the Coupons and Promo Codes

Coupons and codes like the Sugarhouse Promo Code come in handy while betting. Never ignore the power of these coupons if you want to maximize the profits.

These coupons and codes help you raise your stakes and place free bets. This way, you lose nothing but have enough chances to win the large bets.

Either way, you shall only find yourself in a win-win situation. Therefore, the bottom-line of this point is not to waste these coupons.


These were some of the most important rules that you must follow while starting out in the domain of combat sports betting.

You might find yourself like a fish out of water in the initial days. However, do not lose heart. Stick through it, and you shall be able to make the most of this domain.


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