Current Bellator Bantamweight Champion Eduardo Dantas and Bellator Interim Bantamweight Champion Joe Warren are set to settle the who is the rightful Bellator 135 Champion, but not likely to settle any of the bad blood that exists between the two. The fight that will take place at Bellator 128 on October 19th, the same fight that was supposed to happen May 2nd at Bellator 118. But unfortunately Dantas had to withdraw from the fight due to a head injury.  Warren did fight Rafael Silva on that card and won the 135lb. title via 5 round unanimous decision. Since the two could fight back in May they decided to fight on social media and in the press.

Warren who came out with guns blazing almost from the start, it’s not surprising he still has choice words for Dantas.

“This boy has been running his mouth and talking shit on social media for months,” Warren said. “He’s made this fight very personal for me and my family. My plan is to beat the Portuguese out of him, put him to sleep and have him dreaming in English! He backed out of the last fight a week before. I am the Bellator World Champion. The belt is on my waist. If he wants it back he can try to come get it! October 10th The Baddest Man will break another Brazilian in the Bellator cage. I’m an unstoppable force and the Baddest Man On The Planet is on a Mission!

Not to be outdone Dantas had some counterpunching words of his own.

“There isn’t a bigger loud mouth than Joe Warren,” Dantas said. “He can talk all he wants; I’m going to rip his head off anyway. I think about the fight 24 hours a day, I want to show the world what a lie he is, and how he is a fraud.”

Michael “Venom” Page is scheduled to face Nah-Shon Burrell on the October event. Flashy, showboat even and at times cocky are used to describe Pages’s presence in the cage, but the man is certainly talented. He is fast becoming must see viewing for MMA fans. If not to see his phenomenal techniques, then certainly so see him served some “humble pie”. Page is good and he knows it.

“The time is now for my return to the Bellator cage,” Page said. “The one and only ‘MVP’ is back, hands down and ready to go.”

In a Lightweight featured bout Alexander “Tiger” Sarnavinskiy will be facing John Gunderson.

Sarnavinskiy is currently 20-2 in his MMA career, his last fight with Bellator was a decision loss to current Interim Lightweight Champion Will Brooks, in the Season 9 Lightweight Tournament Final.

Gunderson a 13 years veteran carries a record of 35-16.

Middleweights Bubba McDaniel (22-8) vs. Emiliano Sordi (12-4) has also been added.

Bellator 128

Bantamweight Unification: Eduardo Danta (Champion) vs. Joe Warren (Interim)

Welterweight: Michael Page vs. Nah-Shon Burrell

Lightweights: Alexander Sarnavinskiy vs. John Gunderson

Middleweight: Bubba McDaniel vs. Emiliano Sordi

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