The Connection Between MMA and Online Casino Industry

MMA or UFC has taken the top spot on the fighting sports stage. The athlete that is partially responsible for bringing such glory to MMA is definitely Conor McGregor. He is currently the highest-paid athlete, and there is always hype about new fighters who will be the next McGregor. Much like any other sport MMA is connected to an extent to the online casino industry. Here we will show how these two worlds are connected.

Fighter Love to Gamble 

The first and most apparent connection between these two industries is the athletes or the heart and soul of MMA. The previously mentioned Conor McGregor is a huge fan of poker and chances are he gambles online. Moreover, they love to place bets and they can even bet on themselves. A good example is Floyd Mayweather, who is once again willing to bet on his victory if he was to throw down again against Conor.

Now, we have to admit that these are wealthy individuals and that they prefer the luxurious setting of a land-based casino. But they all have smartphones and hobbies, so there is a good chance they play a few casino games online.

Martial Arts Themed Slots

We also have MMA-themed slots. These are the most popular games in casinos both online and offline, and they try to cater to all groups of players. They do this by creating different themes for slots. They don’t have to be UFC or MMA they can just be connected to martial arts or fighting. If you are to look at Dutch online casinos you are likely to find slots that have to do with Kung Fu, ninjas, karate, or even MMA slots. In other words, developers use the popularity of this sport and fighting, in general, to make games more appealing to people who are big fans of these events.

Wagering on MMA Fights

Another important thing to note is that many online casino operators also have sports betting options. Among those options, there are MMA fights. Meaning, people visit online casinos because they offer this wagering content. Some of the most popular online casino BE sites are sportsbook operators at the same time, and you can use them to place wagers on MMA, and other sports. Some of these operators even offer superior betting options compared to sportsbooks that are available in certain parts of the world.

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Brand Ambassadors

Some of the fighters are directly financed by gambling companies. This is pretty standard practice for just about any sport, as casinos can use those athletes as brand ambassadors. Fighters are more likely to end their career prematurely due to a serious injury so these side gigs can be a vital source of income. Many popular online casino DK sites that offer sports betting options use multiple athletes on their pages, in order to inspire trust in their users. In fact, athletes like Ronaldo and Messi, and fighters like Conor are extremely wealthy because of these brand ambassador deals. 


These were some of the main ways how MMA and the online casino industry are connected. It’s also worth noting that gambling companies often sponsor sports events because they get to have their brand displayed during the matches. Therefore, one of the reasons UFC and MMA are so big is because they are receiving massive support from these companies. 


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