The first edition of UFCA COMBAT in Brazil has been announced

The first edition of UFCA Combat will be bringing together fighters from the states of Tocantins, Pará, Maranhão and Goiás in Araguaína, in the state of Tocantins in Brazil, next Saturday.

TV Aratins and the Araguaína Fight Club will hold the UFCA Combat. The event will take place on Saturday, November 9th at the Unitpac Gym, starting at 19h, and will bring together the best fighters from Tocantins, Pará, Maranhão and Goiás. The UFCA will have 10 fights in the categories 57kg, 61kg, 63kg and 66kg. , as well as dwarf fights and female combat. The main fight of the event is from Herrisson Sales and Flávio Carvalho, who are experienced fighters.

TV Aratins management said the goal is to promote four major events a year in the city in the areas of sports, humor, shows with national artists and social events.
Check out the confirmed matches below for the first edition of UFCA Combat.

Main fight
Herrison Sales x Flávio Carvalho – combined weight (64kg)

Paul “Brother” x Hilario “Spartan” – 61kg

Henrique Barbosa vs Deyvid “Samurai” – 66kg

João Vitor x Valdiney Viana – combined weight (60kg)

Claudeci “Immortal” x Gilvan “Ninja” – combined weight (58,500 kg)

Barbara Farias x Karol Sousa – combined weight (54kg)

Jaguar Hand x Pylon Hand (Dwarf Fight)

Nelson “Cap” x Deusivan Sousa – 61kg

Eder Meneses vs Jenilton “Pitibuzinho” – 61kg

Vinicius soldier x Jaílson Oliveira – 61 kg


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