The Freakshow sat down to speak exclusively to BAMMA ahead of his fight at BAMMA 34

With the announcement of a rematch with Walter ‘The Sniper’ Gahadza to take place at BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier, The Freakshow sat down to speak exclusively to

He talks about his last fight with Anthony ‘La Masse’ Dizy, his long career and why he’s never chased titles. You can read the full interview on HERE

“I’d just like to say that for a long time I’ve battled personal demons and it’s affected every part of my life! But now I’m a different guy, I’ve got a new outlook, focus and drive. Everything might be done with a smile on my face, but it’s very serious.” – Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher

Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher Vs. Walter ‘The Sniper’ Gahadza II takes place at BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier at the SSE Arena, Wembley, London and you can book your tickets now at

The exciting news on an imminent return to action for BAMMA Bantamweight Shay Walsh has begun to circulate. Shay Walsh announced his return to full time training with the additional news that he has also opened his own MMA gym.

To find out how Walsh is getting on contacted the former champ to get the lowdown.

“My recovery has gone well and I’m back to full training and sparring. It was definitely a hard couple of months after the fight with my face being sore and unable to train and live the lifestyle I usually do, but that’s all in the past.

I’ve opened up my own MMA gym in Lancaster and so the future is looking up. I’m unsure when my next fight will be, but I will be talking to the guys at BAMMA and keeping a close eye on the division to see what’s next for me”Shay Walsh

With the BAMMA Bantamweight division looking stronger than ever, the next few months could get interesting…

BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier will see the debut of one of the most sought after Lightweights in UK MMA. Introducing Steve ‘The Spartan’ O’Keefe.

O’Keefe fights out of his own gym in the shape of Revolution Martial Arts, which is also home to the current BAMMA Featherweight Champion Daniel Crawford.

After taking a few years out, O’Keefe returned to active competition last year and racked up two quick wins in a combined time of approximately 4 minutes. Training with some of the best grapplers in the world, O’Keefe now prepares to step out onto the biggest stage in Europe. With a big reputation and fights against the likes of Conor McGregor and Artem Lobov on his record, O’Keefe is excited to showcase his skills and show the world just what all the fuss is about.

“I’m excited to be fighting on the massive BAMMA card in London. I am very happy with the match up and everyone knows what I’m aiming for… I want that belt and I’m going to be claiming it very very soon.” – Steve ‘The Spartan’ O’Keefe

Steve ‘The Spartan’ O’Keefe Vs. Martyn ‘The Beast’ Harris takes place on the BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier on Friday 9th March. Tickets are on sale now from

Tickets for BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier are on sale NOW

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