“The Immortal” Faces Biggest Test Of His Career

By: John Carlin

When Matt “The Immortal” Brown (21-11) steps into the Octagon this Saturday night, you might well consider it to be the biggest fight of his life…… well you’d be wrong, for Brown has fought and prevailed in the biggest fight of all… the fight to stay alive.

Never has a moniker been so befitting as “The Immortal” is for Matt Brown (21-11). His story, one of how he turned his life around after years of drug abuse which resulted in him being declared “clinically dead” for over a minute, is an inspiring reminder of how strong the human spirit can be, and that hard work and dedication, coupled with a strong desire for a better life, serves as a lesson for us all that anything is possible in this life.

Here Brown recounts some of his earlier struggles….

“I was born and raised in a really small town, population of about 200 people, Things always came easy, like I could go party all night and still pass my classes – you know, sleep for an hour or whatever. I started rebelling against everything, ended up around a lot of the wrong people, partying, drugs, alcohol. At one point it got way too far. I overdosed on heroin and went to the hospital. According to the doctors I was clinically dead for probably over a minute. I don’t feel like anybody could have been through what I went through and be where I’m at right now. I was so deep in that life for such a long time. I had to find new friends, I had to find new places to hang out. Basically, you know, everything had to change”


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