The Loaded Joes MMA Podcast Episode #9


Thursday May 14th, 2015– Austin TX, is the home for one more thing besides Longhorns and Great BBQ, it is now home to the most hilarious and controversial new MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) comedy podcasts in the south. The Joes dub themselves as “the bad boys of the MMA comedy podcast world”. Oh and they are back again for episode 9.

The host of the show is 26-year-old lifelong Austinite Blake “MoneyBlakeWeather” Stephenson, a practitioner of MMA and boxing for 6 years and a true “student of the game” spends most of his free time drinking beers till he thinks of funny ideas for the show, and watching/ studying boxing & MMA fights alike. Cohosts, John Miller and JV are a great addition to the team each with their own unique couch warrior perspective.

“The podcast started out of necessity” says Blake, “I listen to a lot of great podcasts but most of them are not edgy, they are too politically correct, and a lot of it all sounds the same or it’s all a similar format.”

“They are the CNN of MMA podcasts and we are the Daily Show of the MMA podcast world. I’m not concerned with breaking the latest news; I’m concerned with breaking the honesty barrier and keeping everything we do as raw as possible. If controversy comes from it so be it, but you won’t hear the same cookie cutter answers or questions from us. This is a show designed to make you feel like you are hanging at your buddy’s house, with your friends, talking some MMA shit, and having a few adult beverages.”

The SNL like skit before every show, and the RAQ (Random ASS Questions) and “bye felicia” segments help differentiate this MMA podcast from all others.

“I just want people to share my love of MMA and laugh, and I do my best to make that happen on every episode” says Blake.

Episode 9 features Austin Kickboxing Academy’s head coach Randy Vera we  find out how he got involved with MMA, what its like to be a coach, and break down some upcoming fights.

randy vera

The episode also features current UFC fighter Roger “Silverback” Narvaez, he talks about his last fight at UFC 185 and break his silence since tweeting about how he feels about the UFC Reebok sponsorship deal .

The Joes sit back and recap the Mayweather/ Pacquiao fight, talk about UFC fight night Hunt vs Miocic, talk to their first ever UFC fighter, talk some smack, and of course drink some adult beverages and get loaded in the process.  Come hang out with your favorite MMA comedy coach warriors.

Do you like MMA and Comedy? Then you came to the right place. You can find the “bad boys” of the MMA podcast world on their official home on You wont be disappointed! If you are, then as the Joes say, “bye Felicia”!

To Listen to the show go HERE.

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