The Most Significant Events in UFC Planned in 2022

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Are you under the impression that we spent the last twelve months talking mainly about COVID-19? If so, keep in mind that you are not alone. We do too! However, considering that the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic disturbed every aspect of our lives, it is hard to say that we find it surprising. 

Besides the things we all know, like movement restrictions, remote work, etc., it is essential to say that this period was exceptionally challenging for sports players and fans alike, as practically all sports were stopped.  And even when some matches were organized, the presence of the audience wasn’t allowed. 

The good news is that this is about to change. Since we have more and more vaccines and immunization in many parts of the world quickly rolling out, governments are easing the restrictions. What does it mean for sport? Well, it means that finally, we will be able to watch our favorite competitions. 

Among various events that are in preparation, the company organizing UFC events is making big announcements for 2022. This is wonderful news for all the fans of combat fighting. But it may also interest some of you who are still unsure what it is all about. 

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So What is UFC?

People, who love boxing, martial arts, and so on, for sure know what UFC is, and are looking forward to the thrill the UFC events 2022 are going to bring. However, others are a bit confused about what UFC is. You can often hear people saying things like “UFC is the best sport ever!” or “I will start practising UFC!”.  But can we say it like that?  People are saying this because they see that UFC and MMA come together, so they think of them as the same things. But in reality, they are not. 

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, and it is a sport. UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it is one of the organizations that promote MMA fights.  When you say that UFC is the same as MMA, it is like you are saying that NBA and basketball are the same. However, we know that NBA is just one of the basketball leagues. 

So, why did UFC practically become synonymous with MMA?  Well, it is believed that the reason lies in the rise of UFC’s popularity. Nowadays, you can often hear announcements like “Stay tuned for the upcoming UFC super fight”, and similar.  So basically, the name UFC became so popular that even if there are other organizations, most people equate MMA and UFC. 

The Upcoming UFC Events 

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UFC 264

Are you wondering when’s the next big UFC fight?  We have phenomenal news for all of you who can’t wait to see pieces of art performed by your favorite fighters.  You won’t need to wait long because the next event will be already on July 10th in T – Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It will be a lightweight clash between Dusting Poirier and Conor McGregor in a five-round match.  A welterweight battle is also planned for this time, between Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson. 

UFC Fight Night 191

Do you want to know more about when’s the next UFC fights?  On July 17, we are in for another fantastic fight – Makachev vs. Moises. It is also a five-round event. Also, Miesha Tate will fight against Marion Reneau in the lightweight category.  The event will be held at the UFC Apex facility.

Exciting UFC events in 2022

This time we will talk about the planned UFC fight schedule 2022. Are you excited already? Trust us, there will be plenty of things you have never seen before. Make sure to get UFC tickets2022 for the long-awaited thrilling events. Also, if you want to try your luck and place bets on your favorite fighters, you can do it on casino paysafe, etc.

How Will the Year Begin

UFC January 2022 will be packed with super exciting events, both in the male and female division.  Next year you will see more fighters than ever before. What is super exciting, is that they all have one thing in mind – to take the title of a world champion.  So, for example, you will see some legends of the sport in the flyweight category like Deiveson Figuireido and Henry Cejudo. Besides that, we are thrilled to announce that  Petr Yan is about to defend the title after winning against Jose Adlo, as well as many other brilliant fights in each category.

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UFC in Space 

As of 2022, UFC is planning to launch a special program called Galactic Combat. As you probably know, UFC already started a reality program called the Ultimate Fighter. The concept is that the fighters that don’t necessarily have to be known to the public stay in the house, where they compete for the title of Ultimate Fighter. Galactic Combat will be something similar, but this time the selected ones will be in the shuttle orbiting the Earth. At the beginning of the championship, there will be 40 fighters, but only 8 best will have a chance to try their luck in space.  It will be one of the biggest UFC fights in 2022.

UFC Event in Africa 

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Another big news is that UFC plans to organize the first event in Africa, according to UFC 2022 announcements. Dana White, a president of UFC, said on the Bill Simmons podcast that they are looking forward to it. He also mentioned that they are especially proud to already have three world champions that are coming from the African continent. 


As you can see, there are plenty of amazing UFC events scheduled for 2022. Those of you who already know and like watching MMA share the excitement about this news. But maybe some of you never watched these fights! In that case, and given that you are passionate about combat fighting, we recommend that you take a look. We guarantee you will enjoy it. Have you ever seen any kind of combat fighting before? 


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