The Polish MMA Federation Welcomes New President, Karol Matuszczak


(London. November 24th 2014) The Polish MMA Federation (PLMMAF) welcomes a new President to the helm as Karol Matuszczak takes over from Mirek Okniński to move the organization into its next phase.

Karol Matuszczak is among the fathers of MMA in Poland, and competed in the very first MMA bout to take place in the country in 2000. He is also an originator of Brazilian jiu jitsu in the region and a black belt under Roy Harris. He is renowned for his put great input into the development of Polish BJJ and for organizing the very first Brazilian jiu jitsu seminars in his home country.

As an academy owner and chief instructor, Matuszczak currently stands as the head of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association Poland and BJJ Poland. He is also serving as Chief Representative for Harris Grappling International and Shooters International in his country.

Matuszczak’s other contributions to the sport include as editor-in-chief of the quarterly “Budokan” and as the manager of international Mixed Martial Arts competitors. He has been involved as organizer and co-organizer for the following events: Olimp, Pulsar Cup, Full Contact Prestige, the Poland Championship, Polish Cup and Copa Posnania. Additionally, Matusczak has authored numerous articles about MMA and is co-author of “Vademecum Vale Tudo”.

The PLMMAF issued the following statement:

“Former president Mirosław Okniński had chosen to step down from his position at the PLMMAF due to his growing commitments in the professional leagues of Polish MMA. Okniński continues to work with the federation in a more technical role as a vastly experienced trainer. Miroslaw Okniński also made the decision in order to make a clear statement that there cannot be any conflict of interest on the board of the PLMMAF.”

IMMAF Director of Communications, Isobel Carnwath, said:

“The IMMAF board very much looks forward to working with Karol Matuszczak as the new president of the IMMAF. Karol Matuszczak is a true pioneer and recognized as perhaps the first practitioner of MMA and BJJ in Poland. He is highly regarded within the European MMA community.”

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