The Real Reason to Watch UFC 190

Saturday August 1, 2015– Names like Chris Weidman, TJ Dillashaw, and even Conor McGregor were relatively unknown a few years ago, but one fight changed all that for the now UFC champions. TJ Dillashaw defeated Renan Barao in on of the best bantamweight fights in UFC history. Conor McGregor would headline a fight in Dublin letting the world know that the Irish are “not here to take part, they’re here to take over” and went on to become the interim featherweight champion; and who could forget Chris Weidman, the man who took down a legend in the sport of MMA?

In one night these great athletes rose to the occasions to achieve greatness and Bethe Correia has the opportunity to do the same thing on August 1st at UFC 190. Correia has an opportunity to dethrone the most dominant female athlete. While Correia may not have the most impressive record, she is undefeated and has a skill set Rousey has not faced before. Most of the women Rousey has faced used grappling as a technique falling right in the Judo of the champion. But when Miesha Tate landed a hard right hand it forced Rousey to abandon her standup and return to her Olympic level Judo. Correia displayed her punching power in her last fight against Shayna Baszler. While the champion has greatly improved her stand up game, we have not seen it tested in the octagon. If Bethe Correia fulfills her promise to punch Rousey in the face, she might be able to pull of the upset and become the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion in her own back yard.

In the last couple of years we have seen a changing of the guard. There is a new type of MMA fighter that has come along and defeated great champions and if Dillashaw and Weidman have proven anything it is that every champion can be defeated; and in the off-chance she can pull it off… MMA fan shouldn’t miss it.

By: Alex Barrientos MMA_Fan

Photo Credit: UFC_PROMOS

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