The Road to BAMMA 20 Begins

Friday April 3rd, 2015– The Road To BAMMA 20 Begins with just over 20 days to go until BAMMA 20 returns to UK TV screens on SPIKE TV UK on April 25th! TICKETS ON SALE NOW.


BAMMA 20 Fight Card:


BAMMA Light Heavyweight Title:
Brett “The Spartan” McDermott Vs. Marcin “Bane” Lazarz

Colin “The Freakshow” Fletcher Vs. Andre Winner

BAMMA Bantamweight Title:
Ed Arthur Vs. Alan “The Apprentice” Philpott

BAMMA Flyweight Title:
Rany Saadeh (c) Vs. Chris Miah

Regis “The First” Sugden Vs. Ant “Submission Magician” Phillips

Jefferson “Shadow Demon Blaximus” George Vs. Rick Selvarajah

Jack Grant Vs. Warren “Relentless” Kee

Tim “The Serbian Yeti” Menzies vs. Jacek “Jack of Spades” Toczydlowski

“Dirty” Harry Marple vs. Chris Astley

Anthony Holmes Vs. Nathius Frederick

More bouts to be added soon….

Schiavello Returns at BAMMA 20 


Michael “The Voice” Schiavello returns to the commentary position at BAMMA 20. Internationally acclaimed commentator always brings excitement and his inimiatble engertic style to every broadcast. On his return Michael had the following comments:

“I am thrilled to be a part of the BAMMA 20 broadcast team. BAMMA’s deal with SPIKE TV is history in the making for British MMA and I am proud to be a part of history and putting my voice on the best MMA promotion in Europe. I encourage everyone to watch what is going to be an absolute cracker of an event!”

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