“The Roaring Lion” Carlos Kremer The Most Traveled Cage Announcer In The World

RIO RANCHO, NM: “The Roaring Lion” Carlos Kremer is a special kind of person that only we get to witness once in a lifetime.

Kremer is a former highly decorated US Marine Corps Captain with two Navy Achievement Medals for Honor and Valor and has won FightBook MMA’s coveted award. When you see Kremer in the cage, he WOWS the audiences all over the world with his Intensity, Delivery, and Performance as the Voice of BRAVE CF, a one-of-a-kind MC that is considered a show within a show. With all his years in the business, his magnetic personality combined with his true care for the future of MMA makes Kremer very unique in our sport.

When we talk about cage/ring announcers, you never think that they will be just as popular or even more popular than the fighters. When it comes to Carlos, well that’s a different story. “The Roaring Lion” is the most traveled cage announcer in the world, he takes time and effort to tirelessly meet every single person that comes up to him to take pictures and chat with the Legend. Kremer is considered one of the best MC’s in not only Sports but the entire Entertainment industry today.

FightBook MMA holds an annual FightBook MMA Awards, and it’s only fitting that Kremer takes home the title of “FightBook MMA’s #1 Cage Announcer in the World”. The last award that he won was back in 2021 and that was his fifth year winning this award (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).

Kremer has flown over more than 200,000 miles every year for the past 6 years that’s over 1,000,000 miles traveled to announce our sport. He’s able to do this with the support of his wife Teca and amazing kids London and Crimson. At every show, you can tell that he loves what he does and this is what he was born to do.

Kremer has announced in 25 different countries with Brave Combat Federation and 2 other countries (Thailand and Peru) with other organizations placing Kremer at a staggering 27 countries he’s announced MMA events. Kremer will hit his 28th country this summer as BRAVE CF visits Germany for the first time. Kremer has stated in part, “The greatest reward is giving our warriors across the globe the support and attention they deserve to build their brand and get worldwide recognition for the incredible sacrifices they’ve made.

Stay tuned to FightBook MMA for more on “The Roaring Lion” Carlos Kremer as we will go deeper into his life as a father and a businessman.

Carlos Kremer-President Kremer Insurance and the Farmers Insurance Group
Captain USMC- recipient of two Navy Achievement Medals for Honor and Valor
Number 1 Cage Announcer in The World-BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION 2017, 18, 19, 20 & 2021 by FightBook MMA
Writer/Reporter Military Press
Host of “Roaring Lion Radio”


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