The Roman Empire is Ready for a Title Run


Thursday October 29, 2015– 3 years ago three of the top superstars in all of professional wrestling made their debut at the Survivor Series. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose started there WWE career in NXT, but made their names known when they attacked WWE title contender Ryback. Taking “The Big Guy” down set in stone that CM Punk the champion at the time would retain.  After their debut the Shield began to run all over the WWE as the top heels in the business.  First step for Roman was winning the WWE tag team titles with Shield partner Seth Rollins, and after a long run as champions the Shield began to pick up steam with the fans.  After being heels for so long the fans started to come around to the hounds of justice and started to cheer them on.  Now baby faces, the Shield began to take on top heels in the business such as The Wyatts and The reemergence of Evolution.  With two wins over HHH and Evolution, the king of kings went with his plan B and bought out Seth Rollins and made him turn on the Shield.  Just like that one of the most deadliest teams in all of WWE history was broken up. With Each member going their separate ways Seth being a top heel, and Roman and Dean being baby faces the WWE was set to send one guy to feud with Seth and one guy to start facing top-notch opponents. Dean began his feud with Seth and Roman began to go off on his own building his name up in not only the eyes of the fans but also with the big wigs in WWE.

Roman made his mark by being the muscle of the Shield, but really began to show off when he eliminated a record 5 superstars at Survivor Series 2013.  Next up Reigns made it to the final two of the royal rumble, and after being eliminated by Batista Roman found himself back at the bottom.  Fast forward to the future Reigns found himself headlining PPVs against stars like Randy Orton and the Big Show, Reigns even got a shot at the WWE title in a fatal 4 way match with John Cena and partner Dean Ambrose.  After a losing the fatal 4 way match Roman was forced to the side with an injury, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time as he was set to go into a feud with Seth Rollins.  After being off for a while, Reigns returned and accepted his superstar of the year award and officially entered himself into the Royal Rumble.  After being in the last 2 the previous year, Reigns not only entered the match as the hottest superstar but when he broke WWE superstar and future hall of famer Kane’s record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble Match. After breaking the record Reigns went on to win the Royal Rumble, and even with the help of his cousin The Rock the best possible thing that could happen to Roman happened.  He was booed out the building.  Why was he BOOed out the building? The WWE universe knew what path Reigns was going down, and that’s win every big match, get a shot at the title, and be the hero at WrestleMania.  Fans who turned on John Cena and many others who went down this same path, were tired of being forced fed the next big star.  Things didn’t get any easier for Reigns as his next feud after winning the rumble was fan favorite Daniel Bryan.  Every fan in WWE wanted Bryan to not only win the rumble, but to go on to Mania and win the title again just like he did the previous year.  After defeating Bryan, Reigns had his title shot set in stone against WWE champion Brock lesnar at WrestleMania 31.  Going into the biggest match of his career reigns was still receiving heat, but some fans were starting to turn their feelings around as fans were getting sick of a part-time superstar being champion.  I was in the building to watch Roman fight for the title, as the boos came down hard during his entrance Roman was ready for the big stage.  The match went on and he took a beating, but as the beating went on he kept showing grit and relentlessness, not giving up and taking every chance he could to keep coming.  With his family in the crowd, having to watch him get beaten down Reigns suddenly had the fans cheering for him.  When the tides turned Seth Rollins came down and cashed in his money in the bank.  After a bunch of back and forth his former partner took his moment and became champion.

Now having hit rock bottom this is where in my eyes his career began to turn.  Coming out of his lost at Mania, his first match was against WWE legend the Big Show.  They put on a hell of a match at the PPV Extreme Rules, and basically stole the show.  Still being a baby face and now a full on fan favorite in the eyes of the fans, Reigns was ready to take the next step as he got his shot at the money in the bank briefcase.  After losing that match due to Bray Wyatt interference, the next big feud was set up.  For months Reigns and Wyatt tore down the house at live events and PPVs.  With the finally of the feud ending inside the Hell in a Cell, Reigns was the victor. Next up for Roman is his shot at Rollins. It has been a long road for Roman, ups and downs boos and cheers winning matches and breaking records, there is no better time for Roman to get his title run.  If you look at past champions and how they had their runs started you can’t argue that he is not ready.  He has done the faction run, been a heel, held a title, and has faced adversity for everything that he did.  It isn’t easy being at the top of the mountain, it took time for The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, HHH, and Shawn Michaels to get to the top and win their first WWE title. All of their steps they took to get to the top are very similar to what Roman has done.  I can appreciate what he has done, His matches are always entertaining.  His moves and technique are always on point, and the way that he gets involved with the fans during his entrance really shows you the superstar he has become.  I met Roman at the comic con in the Bay Area, and he was nothing but respectful to all the fans during pictures and autographs.  Now is Romans time to go into this match with Rollins and come out the victor.  He is more than capable to handle the criticism and doubters, and he is more than ready to carry the company as its WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

By: Rick San Bartolome

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