The Room Podcast

Stephen M Domenico:

For simply the passion that I have for all category of fighters in Martial Arts, I do a lot of interviews, blogs, posting, commenting, liking, sharing, and all other ways I can give some extra shine to fighters and organizations in New England and beyond.

I am someone who can help guide you in finding the right gym to train at, promotion to fight for, or coaches to contact in and around the New England area.

I am making the most of all of my opportunities as I travel my ambitious journey to bring real issues, news, rumors and “The Beans” as a New England Combat Sports Podcaster. “The Room Podcast” will be aired Facebook Live every Wednesday night to help the fighters who step in the ring, on the mat or within a cage get the exposure and notoriety they deserve.

Thank you to all who have joined and our “Regional Fight Sports” Fan Page on Facebook. We will continue to grow, expand, and learn this game so we may keep the buzz of the New England fight community going through this new podcast as well as show love to our national, and international fighting superstars.

Please feel free to friend me on Facebook under Domenico Steve so we can chat! Peace my friends and stay tuned for more to come soon from the new “The Room Podcast” and “Ambassador to Fighters”.