By: R Eric Ellison

#1 Talk about Fight Club

I know what you’re thinking, I thought this was the rule we were supposed to NOT talk about it. Well, at Conflicts Fight Club Series knowing is growing. Everyone should know about this fight series in Columbia, not just for the excellent Fight Club atmosphere, but also to keep up with everything they’re doing. With a solid investment into southeastern WMMA, and a whole slew of great new features for 2015, Fight Club Series is definitely something to tell your MMA friends about. If you don’t, they will just be mad when they find out you were sneaking off to this killer MMA show without them.
#2 Bring a Friend to Fight Club

Naturally, this goes hand in hand with the #1 rule of Fight Club Series. When your friends become exposed to these stunning fight cards at the Main Event Fitness Center, they are going to want a piece of that action. Besides, nothing beats the ride home from great fights than sharing the best moments with your friends. Not only that, but some of these matches are so potentially explosive that you may require at least one witness to back you up. So grab a buddy, split the gas, and head on down for one hell of an experience. These crowds get so close to the cage, and so pulled in that you’re bound to make a few new friends to rendezvous with at the next Fight Club event!

#3 Participate in Fight Club

One of the best things about the Fight Club Series is it’s attention to amateur prospects and the fans. Whether you have fight aspirations or enjoy the proximity, getting involved is great inside the cage and out. One thing Conflict MMA is big on is participating in the MMA community and investing in feedback. Share a flyer, comment on your favourite fighters page, interact with Conflict on Facebook, and certainly join the fray in Columbia when Fight Club comes to town. You will be close enough to the fights that you’ll capture more than a few moments. Make Fight Club your own experience, and a part of your 2015.
#4 Keep up With Breakout Fighters

Conflict MMA is dedicated to bringing top upcoming fighters to the Fight Club cage in Columbia. With a few more surprises unfolding in 2015 that further push this concept, you can guarantee that future MMA stars will be coming through the Fight Club cage in the southeast. The current card features six of the top WMMA fighters in the region, along with a handful of undefeated guys that are hungry to prove themselves the best around. Conflict 22 also features a monstrous heavyweight battle between two undefeated warriors looking to follow in the steps of past Conflict heavyweights that have moved on to the Big Leagues. If you want to keep your fingers on the pulse of Low Country MMA, then Fight Club Series is without a doubt something you want to add to your radar. You never know when that fighter you watched grab the title up close turns out to be the next national MMA star.

#5 Enjoy Fight Club

Columbia has become the home of Conflict’s Fight Club Series, and thus, a whole new hub for fighters and fans to interact and enjoy the sport together. We all love big stadium MMA shows, they offer an experience like no other, especially when talking the biggest in the business. However, fans who have seen previous Fight Club cards can tell you that there is a whole other side to enjoying MMA when you’re able to be up close to the action. Come hungry for a great show, roll with the crowd as it clamours and reacts to each moment in the cage,  and become part of a unified experience that everyone will carry home with them and beyond. Fight Club is the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the sport you love, have some food and drink, and connect with others who know a great fight when they see one.


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