The Sunday Service: Some Exciting WMMA is on the Way



Well, another Sunday is coming to a close, and that means it’s time for a spoonful of The Sunday Service. With everyone gearing up to jump back into the workforce, and I myself starting a new job venture tomorrow, I thought we would take a look at some of the work that is going on around the Southeast WMMA scene that is pretty awesome.

First up, Erica Sacci will be making her debut at Hardplay 4 in Manchester. 2-0 amateur champ Adriene “Rainstorm” Rainey is slated to face 2-2 Molly Dupertuis on November 22nd at V3 in Nashville. 2-1 Titans of the Cage fighter Danielle Alexander is in the mix for a comeback according to sources, and the same can be said of a certain Savannah gal that we won’t mention right now.

Oh, and did I mention Conflict 22 going down November 8th in Columbia, South Carolina? No? Well allow me..

conflict sunday serbice

4-1 Southeast beast Alexa Conners returns to Columbia, this time fighting for a second title. Already defending champ at 145, Conners steps into the cage this time at a chance to hold multiple titles. Across from her stands “G.I. Jane” Vasquez (6-3), a ferocious fighter coming in from Alabama for a chance at Conflict gold. With tough competition behind her already, there can be no doubt this will be Alexa’s toughest opponent to date.

Also returning to the Fight Club series is Charity Walker (4-3-1) taking on one of the most experienced and most popular WMMA fighters in the Carolina’s; Andy Nguyen (6-10). If you know anything about these two, you know a straight war is coming. Both fighters are well known for their tenacity and stand up styles, and there can be no question that this fight promises to be an absolute stunner.

If those two fights aren’t enough to sate your WMMA demons, add a 115 title fight between Ashley Samples and Jennifer Darr. Jennifer is 3-1, with her lone loss being a split to Nicole Ertzberger, a fight that the Southeast still talks about. Ashley Samples (4-3), current XFE flyweight champion, has fought some of the toughest girls around, and this is far from her first title rodeo.

Both longtime dedication students of the martial arts, and each known for being about as durable as they come on fight night, Samples Vs Darr is an electrifying title fight that will continue to show the depth of talent at 115 in the Southeast. Conflict MMA delivers in spades as they set to declare the promotions first ever strawweight champion.

It’s been a good Sunday for WMMA.

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