Welcome back MMA fans to another edition of The Sunday Service. This is our weekly article where we just dive right in, we don’t worry about being proper, and talk about the sport we love. Everyone loves to hear their own opinions, and I’m no different! So sit back on this lazy Sunday, and allow me to introduce one of many reasons to have yourself in Columbia on Nov 8th for some amazing WMMA. Conflict 22 will touch down that night with four or five solid WMMA matches, one being a fierce bout between two of the most known female ammys around; Andy Nguyen Vs Charity Walker.

Today I want to expose you fans to North Carolina’s Charity Walker a little further. Most of these hardcore Southeast MMA fans know her, I want to bring her right into your living room for a little bonding time. Nothing makes a fight more exciting than knowing a bit about the two, and anyone who has a full handle on this match knows that fireworks are all but guaranteed.

<Ready? You damn well better be because here we go.

A Titans of the Cage vet, Charity Walker began martial arts at the age of 11 when she took up her first Tae Kwon Do class. Wasn’t long before the young Walker was hooked, and began exploring the world of martial arts, not just beyond Tae Kwon Do, but also where she may be involved past just one sphere. Fast forward a few years to 2011 and we find Walker at her very first MMA match inside the cage, where she took a UD loss against (still) undefeated Taylor Miller.

After that, and with renewed fire, she rose to 4-2-1 over the next three years. During that time she won the TOC bantamweight title, which she still holds today. Her only other loss came at the hands of Invicta fighter Ashley “Dollface” Greenway. Three of Walker’s four wins come by way of strikes, one of the most exciting aspects of watching her perform. Her favourite attack is elbows, she is absolutely relentless, and has fought at more weight classes than just about anyone. 135, 125, 117, 115, 120, you name it and she has battled there. Although aggravating I am sure, the wealth of experience and exposure had paid off in a major way.

This N.C. graduate firing out of team Quiet Storm brings all this to Conflict 22 in Columbia this Nov and stacks it up against one of the most well known WMMA fighters in our region; the XFC’s Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen. With twice the fights as Walker, and also someone who loves to strike, there can be no doubt that Nguyen stands as Walkers most experienced opponent to date. I knew these two would meet up eventually, and in two months a long awaited battle will finally go down amidst a card packed with other fantastic female fighters, and headlined by Alexa Conners attempting to snag a second title in a 135 match Vs Alyssa Vasquez.

A game fighter, fun to watch, and about as durable as they come, Charity Walker returns to Conflict to make a splash and toss her name in as one of the best on the scene. Her fight style, heart, and personality make her a fan favorite instantly. I’ve known her for a while, and like many ammys (even pro) female fighters, she has had a tremendous amount of fights fall through. This year appears to be finally changing, and with so much going on, we may just find ourselves watching Walker break out into one of the top in her class this year! No matter what happens or how it all unfolds, the Southeast is glad to have Walker on it’s roster, and her future is looking brighter all the time.

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