The Uso’s Tag Team Wrestling Savior

Thursday November 26. 2015–  US!!!! OOOOO!!! Is what the WWE universe yells every time that Jimmy and Jey Uso hit the ring. Not only do they have one of the most unique entrances in all of professional wrestling but they can back it up in the ring.

With their background in wrestling coming from their family, the Fatu brothers always leave dans wanting more. Coming from San Francisco in the Bay Area the Fatus were raised by their mother and father WWE hall of famer Rikishi. Wrestling runs in their blood all the way back to former WWE champion and hall of famer Yokozuna, The Rock , the late great Umaga, and of corse former WWE champion Roman Reigns. Starting all the way back in FCW wich is now known as NXT, as they reached the top goal in FCW by becoming FCW tag team champions in 2010 the Uso’s shot their way up to the WWE as heels with their manger at the time Daughter of hall of famer Jimi Super Fly Snukka Tamina. The brothers debuted later in 2010 by feuding with the Hart Dynasty, but after running as heels for about a year the 2011 supplemental draft hit and the Uso’s were traded to Smackdown a states to run as baby faces. After a long run as a top tag team in 2014 they became tag team champions for the first time by defeating the New Age Outlaws who were the tag team champions at the time. After all the hard work all through the years they reached their goal and became champions.

Every champion has their day, a very famous quote you have heard all over the sports world. Even thought the Uso’s became champions they did lose them but it’s how they got them back after failing in their rematch they worked hard and never gave up and got there shot when they defeated the champions at the time The Mizz and Mizzdow. Even though they would go on to lose them a few months later, another shot would occur at Wrestlemania 31 in front of their home crowd in the Bay Area. Things didn’t go as planned as early in the show Jet Uso suffered a serious shoulder injury and forced him to Leave the match. As one brother recovered one stayed around and kept at his craft by doing some commentating and even teamed with their cousin Roman Reigns. Jey made his return from injury and the Uso’s are back in the driver seat to take a run at another title run.

What the Uso’s bring to the table is pure chemistry, how they work not just as brothers but just as a tag team . If you look back in time at the best tag teams of all time and how they had chemistry such as The Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boyz ext all of Those teams are multiple time tag team champions and could do anything at anytime on any stage. With their high-flying ability takes their skills to a whole another lever, they fly through the ropes and off turnbuckles landing on the opponents and getting the crowd off their seats. The relationship they have with the crowd from their entrances to there moves in the ring, the Fatu brothers never have a boring match. For years in my eyes the tag team division has struggled sense the great ones left, though there has been some flashes in the pan along the way team like the Uso’s, The New Day, and even the return of the Dudley Boyz the tag team division is back on the uprise. Not to forget that NXT is full of young and upcoming tag team talent that WWE is set for years.

One Of the Most decorated family’s in all of professional wrestling has another set of top super stars in the making. Outside of the ring their Husbands and fathers and sons and brothers but inside there high-flying show stealing WWE champions and I can’t wait to see my fellow Bay Area guys back on top of the WWE tag team mountain.

Rick San Bartolome

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