By: R Eric Ellison

Conor McGregor: Say what you want about the man, but he backs the talk up. Usually in a big way, which is good considering his penchant for some rather flashy words outside thew Octagon. He is like a Chapel Sonnen who makes UA believe him with way less effort (and words.) McGregor is so appealing in fact be cause of how genuine his “badassery” seems at this point. His recent win over Poirier showed that he can hang with the upper echelon, and a win over Siver would certainly help to cement Conor as a legit threat to the elite. If McGregor wins big again,and keeps doing so, you can bet he will blast his way into a title bout in 2015.

Rory MacDonald: There is just no denying this kid. At one point, the road to the title seemed blocked for MacDonald due to his MMA BFF St. Pierre holding the welterweight crown. Now that 2014 has seen that torch passed to Johnny Hendricks, and Rory also having a stellar year, he seems completely on track to finally getting his shot at the gold he has chased for so long. The Zuffa gods have paved the way for Rory to battle for the title, which makes the upcoming clash between Lawler and Hendricks for a second time all the more interesting. A rematch with Lawler would be very exciting, especially seeing what adjustments MacDonald would make try and snag the edge he seemed to lack in their last pairing. Of course, myself included, a bout with current champion Johnny Hendricks sounds like the kind of title fight that has everyone tuning in wondering how this could possibly end.

And those are the best kind of fights.

Frankie Edgar: This guy is a perennial staple to any elite group of fighters. The UFC has recently stated that if Cub Swanson can get past Edgar in their slated scrap that Swanson would most likely be next in line for a shot at Jose Aldo. Two things interest me about this; first being that I’m not all that sure Cub Swanson can dispatch Frankie Edgar. Secondly, Edgar is definitely the type to go on a campaign for a rematch with Aldo should he indeed shut down Swanson’s title plans. The previous match between Aldo and Edgar was very competitive, and Edgar is the UFC king of rematches. In truth, both Swanson and Edgar have both previously faced Aldo, so a rematch with Jose is imminent regardless of who wins. No official word on if Edgar wins that means he gets the shot, but expect Frankie to grab the chance and run with it.


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