Three Fights That Make Sense After Edgar’s Victory

Once again last night we saw Frankie Edgar become “Little Rocky”, turning it up in the late rounds for the finish. Cub Swanson made it an exciting fight, but once Edgar put the pedal to the floor, he never really let off. With a Unanimous Decision win certainly in hand coming into the final five, Edgar was still looking to finish, and did so with one heck of a neck crank for the tap.

Cub Swanson was promised the next shot at Jose Aldo if he won. Nothing had or has been confirmed as far as what a Frankie Edgar victory would mean. Always interesting when we find ourselves here, a place the UFC comes too more often than many us would care for in the last few years. Now that the fight you proposed cannot happen, does that mean the victor gets the shot instead, or will they let things float?

This Sunday I propose a few things that I think could be fantastic answers to many questions in the air after last nights card. Ladies and Gentleman, here’s a list!

This fight makes all the sense in the world. Granted one guy is going up and one sliding down, and McGregor Vs a guy coming off a loss may seem a little strange. I’m not saying that McGregor will beat Dennis Siver, but let’s just say he does. Swanson was the next to challenge for the title, and he lost. A McGregor win against Siver lines up the perfect opportunity for the UFC to keep legitimizing it’s new star. When one guy is going up, he clashes with stars going down, like passing a torch. Yes, a fight with Lamas may be more realistic or enticing, but this fight makes a lot of sense. If Conor can take the win over Swanson, that all but cements him as the next title challenger. If Cub stops the McGregor Train, then he himself immediately jumps right back into title talks.

There is no loser here, and the fans wins most of all. Then again a battle between Swanson and Chad “Money” Mendes could be just what the doctor ordered since both guys have recently lost amidst title scenarios.


Frankie just cannot stay away from a title fight for too long, and for good reason. The guy is without a doubt one of the best to step into the Octagon. He has a lengthy history having title rematches, and I think this one would fit in perfectly. Edgar did not get annihilated in the first match by no means. In fact, he won statistically in a few areas, and also kept Aldo from taking every round. It may not be a fight that Aldo would be very interested in, but perhaps he is beginning to feel that way about the entire division. “The Answer” is a machine, and a rematch with Aldo would be just the thing to tide over rabid Conor McGregor fans as well while he gets another fight or two in.

If we do not get this rematch off the rip, a clash with Lamas or McGregor would be a perfect fit right now at 145.

Oleksiy Oliynyk Vs Everyone

I really don’t have anything much to add here. I mean, you were watching, you saw what happened.


Photo: Zuffa, LLC


By: R Eric Ellison

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