Today has the third edition of L.A ESPORTES MMA in Brazil

It will be held today (Oct. 13) in the city of Rio Maria in the state of Pará in Brazil, the third edition of L.A ESPORTES MMA.

In this third edition will have in total seven professional MMA fights with a belt defense in the featherweight category (66kg) between fighters Ricardo Maracaipe and Magno Pit Bull in the main event fight. The event will be attended by fighters from the state of Pará and Tocantins, and the fights will be in the Lucia Helena Bartolomei Pires School Gymnasium, the event is expected to begin at 20hrs.

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L.A ESPORTES MMA 3rd Edition

Lucia Helena Bartolomei Pires School Gymnasium
Rio Maria, Pará, Brazil

Fight Card

Up to 66kg – Jairo Edvandro x Mateus Madruga

Up to 66kg – Gaspar Jacaré x José Farofa

Up to 66kg – Vagner Gaucho x Wesley Águia

Up to 57kg – Willian “Grilo Voador” x Vein Problema

Up to 70kg – Mateus Trator x Rodrigo kratos

Up to 70kg – Iago Shok x Clesio Spartano

Main Fight (Belt Defense)

Up to 66kg- Ricardo Maracaipe x Magno Pit Bull