Top 10 Benefits of Judo for Youth

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Most of us have at some stage in our lives watched some or another fighting movie and afterward felt like we could also kick some ass and take some names. There is just something about being able to defend yourself and maybe someone else that gets our blood flowing.

Now imagine how good you could feel if you were able to pull off those moves that they do in the movies. Then you need to look no further than judo. Here are some of the key benefits of judo for youth.

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If for nothing else, judo is an amazing self-defense booster. Students can find themselves in some serious situations and when they know how to defend themselves, they will act more decisively.

Judo teaches you how to defend yourself and how to look out for potentially dangerous situations. Their reflexes become sharper and they can reduce their risk of danger by just observing.

Belts and rankings

Students often want to know if they are doing well, or if their progress is sufficient. By using belts and a ranking system, they not only know whether they are progressing or not, but they also stay motivated.

People have an innate need to compete and when a rank is attached to it, they approach the challenge with a desire to succeed. Once the student smells that first progression, they tend to go on for longer.


Self-confidence is one of the main benefits of judo. Not only do you have more confidence in your abilities, but your physique also gets a bit of a boost. Judo is tough on the body and requires proper training. The results pay off when you look in the mirror a couple of months in and realize that some ripples and muscles weren’t there before.

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Not everyone is built for running miles on end. Judo is the perfect counter for those who need to stay active but find running monotonous. Judo combines calisthenics, with cardio and a typical training session will start with a decent amount of body strength training, flexibility exercises and some cardio.

All of this combined gives you the perfect full-body workout. For a student, this vital as they sit a lot while studying.

Individual achievement

Judo is an individual sport, which means that those introvert kids who don’t want to participate in team sports can excel in something else.

You are measured against your own abilities and qualities and not by your popularity with the coach. If you are not the best Judoka in your class, it’s because someone is better than you, not because you are not popular.

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Judo takes a lot of hard work to master, which is why discipline is one of the key qualities or abilities that you get taught in. As a student, this on probably one of the best reasons to start. The same discipline that you acquire at the gym is the same discipline that you will use to get that super grade that you are working towards.

Learning control

Judo is not about how strong you can become and how quickly you can beat someone up. Rather it is about control and using the elements around you to the best of your ability. More than physical strength and agility, judo focuses on mental strength and the ability to use it more effectively.

Everyone is equal

In many sports, there is often a discrimination factor. There is no such thing in Judo. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a nerd, or a super jock, everyone gets treated the same and have to adhere to the same standards. Girls and boys will have to work equally hard to obtain their yellow belts. No one gets favored as there is one standard of achievement.

Respect for strength

When you become more proficient in judo, you also become more aware that you can do things that most people can’t. Judo masters know this, which is why they teach you how to respect strength. Humility is a core value and this same value can be applied in all areas of your student life as well.

Healthy competition

Judo is one of the grand arenas where healthy competition thrives. Students want to know that the things that they do matter. Judo competitions allow the participants to pit their skills against each other and one of the greatest aspects of these competitions is that everyone respects each other and gives praise where it is due.


If you are a student who is still contemplating on what you can do to stay active and develop yourself, then you need to look no further than judo. Not only will you gain some super fighting skills, but you’ll also grow as a person and you’ll be able to apply what you learn in judo in all aspects of your life as well.

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