Top 5 Most Brutal Knockouts In UFC History

Some Of These Fights Were So Brutal We Had To Look Away.

Sometimes UFC fights get so violent that we are surprised they are allowed to show them on TV. But in many ways, the genuine danger and the sheer amount of strength on show is what makes the sport so exciting to watch and in turn popular. 

These matches are unpredictable, the big upsets will live on forever in our minds – we all remember when Julianna Peña beat Amanda Nunes or when Connor McGregor lost his first fight. 

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We are not looking at the upsets today, however, we are going to be looking at some of the most brutal knockouts the UFC and MMA as a whole have ever seen. 

If you look up any of these knockouts, be warned, some of them are quite grisly. 

#5 – Dan Henderson Vs Michael Bisping UFC 100 

We said that we weren’t going to be talking about upsets today, but this fight actually falls into both categories – upsets and gruesome knockouts. 

Michael Bisping was on a three-win streak and was the favorite going into the fight. And he looked shocked when Henderson landed that final punch. Watching this knockback is difficult, especially when you hear about the concussion Bisping suffered as a result of it. 

Bisping said his friend found him sitting in the shower after the fight – he was completely lost, didn’t know he had been fighting that event, and didn’t know what the date was. 

At the end of this fight, the Octagon was covered in so much blood, it was hard to tell what had come from the knockout and what had been there before. 

#4 – Rashad Evans Vs Lyoto Machida UFC 98 

This was a fight for the Light Heavyweight title and Lyoto Machida won it conclusively. 

If you know anything about the dangers of head injuries, we recommend you don’t watch this one. 

Part way through the second round, Machida landed a flurry of blows on Evans. He dropped to his knees repeatedly but kept getting back up. 

Evans eventually fell into the netting, wobbling like he was walking on the deck of a ship. Then suddenly he turned around before passing out, his jaw slack like he was smiling and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. 

#3 – David Abbott Vs John Matua UFC 6 

Let’s take it back to the EARLY days of UFC, in 1997. 

This fight only lasted for 18 seconds – and honestly, we are impressed that John Matua lasted that long. 

As soon as the ref started the match, Abbott was on Matua and was landing punch after punch straight onto his head. After 10 seconds Matua fell for the first time, then Abbott had him on the floor again and the match was over. 

This was the match that made David Abbott one of the biggest stars of the early UFC days. However, because of how Abbott mocked Matua in his celebrations, he was the first heel of the UFC. 

#2 – James Irvin Vs Terry Martin UFC 54 

This is one of the most controversial knockouts in the UFC and has sparked many debates about what kind of role knees should have in the sport. 

If you were around on vine about 6 years ago then you will be very familiar with this KO – it was unavoidable for a few months on the app. 

The first round of this fight had us all believing that it was going to go to the judges – both fighters had solid attacks but equally solid defenses. 

However, just after the start of the second round, Irvin smacked Martin perfectly in the forehead with his knee. He didn’t need to do anything else, his opponent fell straight to the floor and the match was over. 

#1 – Edson Barboza Vs Terry Etim UFC 142

At the top of our list is this infamous fight between Barboza and Etim. 

If you want to know why the most successful fighting form in the UFC is kickboxing then all you need to do is watch this fight. 

Barboza makes this roundhouse kick look effortless, it almost looked like he kicked Etim in the side of the head with absolutely no force. But the second the foot makes contact Terry Etim drops like a sack of rocks. 

Up until that point, two minutes into the third round, the fight has been hard to call. Just as the commentator says, “someone needs to take a chance” Barboza does just that and wins himself the match.  

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