Top 5 UFC Fighters With The Most Heart

Top 5 UFC Fighters With The Most Heart

Another day another dollar. This article we will be taking a look at the top Five fighters with the most heart. Thanks to Sean Glasheen from the Addicted to the UFC group on Facebook for asking the question. The fighters picked are purely subjective, based on my own opinions. I hope you can share your own in the comments. Rules for this article are; Fighters must be currently active and signed to the UFC. ie; no legends (Couture) or retired fighters (Frye, Taktarov) or fighters on hiatus (otherwise I probably would have included Martin Kampmann somewhere). So please remember that before posting dumb things like Couture or Frye. Thank ya. Honourable Mentions Travis Browne Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, aka “Big Nog” Alexander Gustafsson Hyun Gyu Lim Diego Sanchez Clay Guida Urijah Faber All the above fighters have shown tremendous heart in their fights. Travis Browne suffered a first round mauling at the Hands of Overeem but he bit down on his gumshield and came through to beat “The Reem” and get one step closer on his own journey towards a title shot Big Nog is renowned for coming back from the brink of defeat to win fights. Gustafsson makes the list purely for his showing against Jones. Hyun Gyu Lim is THE Korean Zombie as far as I’m concerned, His performance against Saffiedine definitely warrants a place. Not since Aldo brutalised Fabers’ legs have I seen someone take that many leg kicks and keep on going. Clay Guida always comes to fight just like his former opponent and human punching bag Diego Sanchez. Honourable Fight Mentions Mark Hunt vs Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Dan Henderson 1 Brian Stann vs Wanderlei Silva In all of these fights both fighters showed that warrior mentality and a never say die attitude that us fans love. These are just a few I could remember from recent memory, feel free to add more in the comments. 5.Brad Pickett

Brad Pickett comes in at number Five on my list. This guy may only be small but he has one of the biggest hearts in the entire sport. His combination of heart and mentality make him a tough out for any opponent as even when he looks on the brink of being defeated he is still trying to come forward at his opponent. He always puts on an entertaining fight and will keep going until his last breath. Whether he wins or loses he is always trying his hardest, which is one of the reasons Dana White loves him so much. So there you go, we have Pickett in at number Five. Pickett Video Highlight 4.Fabio Maldonado

Fabio Maldonado has gone from Light Heavyweight whipping boy to sniffing around the top 15. After opening up his UFC career 1-3 and taking some major beatings along the way, he has finally found some momentum and has won his last 3 fights on the back of his boxing skills. His last fight against Villante, his boxing, especially his jab, looked extremely good. Before his current form some of the beatings he took had been some pretty brutal ones but not once did the guy ever look like he wanted to quit. Maldonado most definitely has a tremendous amount of heart and a chin to match. He has certainly got himself a fan in this guy. #WARMALDONADO.

3.Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson is a living legend in most MMA circles. His reputation for being in slugfests and coming out victorious proceeds him by a long way. Henderson is synonymous with everything I love as a fan of MMA, heart, grit, determination, etc etc. He is literally a fighter who will give his last ounce of sweat to win. Only recently against Belfort has Henderson ever been stopped due to strikes, which for a career that spans 17 years and 41 fights that is some good going. His epic war with Shogun Rua in 2011 earned him even more respect from his MMA peers, well that along with his beatdown of one time former G.O.A.T Fedor Emelianenko. Henderson is looking to make another title run with a fight against unbeaten Daniel Cormier. Can he do it at the age of 43? Henderson Video Highlight 2.Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar is a excellent MMA fighter but a notoriously slow starter. Countless times we have seen Edgar punished inside the Octagon and never quit, just down to sheer heart alone (Edgar vs Maynard 2 comes to mind). Edgar has a legacy in the sport and will always be remembered as the little guy who beat bigger guys by his superior footwork, workrate and heart. Edgar is now at fighting at his natural weight and is still capable of challenging for the title at 145, Another win over BJ Penn will send him in the right direction. As a side note, a fantasy match I would love to see would definitely be Edgar vs Faber at 145lbs. That shit would be a fun fight! Edgar Video Highlight 1.Junior Dos Santos

Junior Dos Santos is a true warrior. He has no quit in his body. To take those beating like he did at the hands of Cain Velasquez, which in my opinion were two of the most prolonged one sided beatdowns I have personally seen, takes some true heart and pride. JDS can stand with his head held high as far as I’m concerned. Many a man would have packed in or had the towel thrown in after a couple of rounds but JDS, like I said earlier is a true warrior of the sport and deserves his place atop of the list. Hats of to you sir.

Velasquez vs Dos Santos 2

Highlights Dos Santos Video Highlight


Written by Ryan Thomas MMA enthusiast/predictor/gambler and writer



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