Top 5 Ways Retired MMA Fighters Can Stay Fit

Getting older can often inhibit the journey to stay fit. A slowing metabolism mixed with losing power in your strikes—it may seem like an impossible journey. Whether you are trying to channel your inner youth and regain lost strength, or you are trying to keep up a fitness routine, these tips are great for you.

1. Find Something You Enjoy

One of the reasons staying fit is such a daunting task is because many retired fighters look at it as work. However, if you find a sport or activity you find enjoyable, it can often alleviate that part of the process. This exercise-as-leisure can come in the form of a group activity like yoga or a spin class, or just a physical workout you find more enjoyable than others.

When considering what workout to start with, think about the activities you like before. If MMA still excites you, returning to starter training. It can help keep your body active and reinforce the basics.

If your favorite workout has changed, there are plenty of different options available. Finding an activity that energizes you both mentally and physically as well as makes you sweat makes a world of difference.

2. Start Small

Although you may have once spent hours training in a gym, there is no need to start a complete workout plan from 100%. Beginning with a simple run or routine reps in your home gym can make a difference.

Often, finding the right equipment can be the hardest part of getting fit within your own home. Sites like and other equipment services can help provide the same quality of equipment you remember in the gym.

The idea of focusing on small goals echoes a vital part of MMA training. Being honest with yourself and understanding your capabilities. Although it may take patience and time, starting small and building into the more substantial workouts is part of the process.

3. Find a Support Group

Working out with friends or a group may seem like an embarrassing thing to do at first. However, if you find people of similar skill levels, it can help make the process easier.

Find a group of people that not only enjoy the same activities but will help motivate you to complete them as you go on this journey. It might be a group of buddies who miss their days fighting rounds. Often, a small group can hold you accountable and keep you on track for a workout plan.

4. Create Goals

Setting different goals can be helpful for people of varying skill levels and ages. Whether you are in great shape or trying to achieve a new fitness goal, setting a measurable mark can help you get to those goals.

By giving yourself something to measure, you can track progress and understand how you move towards that goal. This mindset makes it seem more achievable and helps you to know how your body changes over time.

5. Attend a Class

There are a great many institutions that provide classes for people attempting to get fit. This accessibility can be great because you can revisit MMA and take classes depending on current skill levels.

This approach combines some of the previous tips by giving you a group that will hold you accountable and starting small.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem like an impossible task, getting back into shape is more achievable than you may think. Whether it is building a dream home gym or attending a community class, there are multiple options to help you maintain peak physical health at any age. While it may seem like it is not worth your time, the mental, physical, and emotional boost you get from getting back into shape will be worth it.

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