Top 5 Websites for Browser Games

If you’re looking for an effortless and enjoyable way to kill spare time, browser games are certainly worth checking out. All you need is an internet connection and any computer, laptop, or tablet. You don’t even have to worry about storage space or having an expensive graphics card. Plus, almost all browser games are completely free to play.

Sure, you seldom get the most detailed visuals or impressive worlds, but you can still enjoy countless hours of fun with an endless range of games to choose from. There’s something for everyone, including both single and multiplayer titles. But where can you find them? In this post, we explore the top 5 websites for browser games.

Addicting Games

With more than 4,500 titles spanning every category and genre imaginable, Addicting Games caters to all players. You can smash high scores in everything from action-packed shooters and racers to brain-bending strategies and quizzes. The website is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, though some games will require Adobe Flash to run.

An optional ‘Game Pass’ purchase is available, which gets rid of the ads that otherwise show up on the landing page and side bars. It also gives you early access to new releases. However, it isn’t required to play anything you see on the site, and you can always create a free account to save your progress and keep track of high scores.

Armor Games

This website has been around for years and remains true to its simple and straightforward approach to offering free online games for every kind of player. You can access the desktop site through your browser and app versions of most games are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Like other websites in this space, Armor Games encourages you to create a free account with them. This enables access to privileges including tracking leaderboard positions and saving your favourite titles to continue later. That said, a profile is not required to play.

Where Armor Games truly shines is the lack of ads, which lends to a more immersive and less intrusive experience. On the other hand, there also aren’t many classic games such as blackjack and roulette. If you’re interested in that genre, the next entry on our list is for you.

Play Live

There are many companies in the South African online casino space, and Play Live has managed to stand above them all as the top website for casino games in the country. It’s home to over a thousand games, including countless high-quality versions of blackjack, poker, roulette and even Monopoly, as well as more slots than you could possibly spin.

Play Live recently introduced a new loyalty rewards program that provides several perks in addition to the standard bonuses, which currently include a 100% match on your first deposit up to R25,000, as well as weekly and daily prizes.

Free Online Games (FOG)

As you would expect, Free Online Games or FOG for short, is home to an expansive collection of browser-based titles. A key advantage this website has over the others is that you can play on both desktop and mobile devices without having to download any apps. It’s all accessible from your browser, albeit sometimes only with Flash depending on the game.

While action games and first-person shooters tend to be the most popular genre on FOG, you can still find plenty of titles in categories like driving, tower defense, strategy and adventure, as well as classic time-killers like solitaire and sudoku. Keep in mind that you’ll need to disable your adblocker to play on the site.

Fortunately, the ads aren’t very intrusive, and only appear on the side bars and in occasional videos while games load. Where FOG doesn’t quite hit the nail is in its overall design, which is starting to appear dated by modern standards.


With a whopping selection of over 130,000 online games, chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for on this website. Kongregate has long stood among the top destinations for browser games, and now offers mobile app versions of their most popular titles for both Android and iOS devices.

You’ll have to create an account on the site to access some games but doing so is completely free and enables access to a few useful features. There are ads across the top and bottom of almost every page, but they’re not intrusive and you might be able to get away with using your adblocker to get rid of them.

Kongregate supports games from independent developers, which means you can find a lot of unique browser games on this site that aren’t available elsewhere.

You might also want to consider MiniClip, NotDoppler, and BigFish Games. These are all great destinations for enjoying a browser game or two while you have free time.


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