Top Australian prospect Aaron Blackie aims for 3-0 this weekend

In advance of Aaron “The Educator” Blackie’s return to action this weekend for Coastal Combat in his native Australia, the unbeaten bantamweight prospect spoke with FightBookMMA.

Why do they call you “The Educator?”

“The Educator” was a nickname given to me by some of my supporters due to having been completing my Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education degree when I began fighting.

If someone told you when you were growing up that you’d someday be fighting for a living, would you have believed them?

My father was a Boxer, Karateka and Judoka who competed in unregulated no holds barred fights in New Zealand back in the 80’s which served as a precursor for my childhood dream to fight for a profession. We train to cultivate character and we fight to test out spirit.

Do you have any combat experience prior to your pro debut?

I did not fight as an amateur. My roots lie in Judo as well as BJJ. I am a 2nd Dan Blackbelt in Judo and brown Belt in BJJ. I have won National championships in both arts before making the transition to mixed martial arts due to a passion for true combat in which I felt the rules of these individual arts debilitated their effectiveness in.

Why do you think you’ve been so successful so far?

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My Coach Dan Higgins is a true artist and craftsman who expresses himself through the Martial Arts. I learnt to approach my training in the same attentative, diligent and philosophical way from him. I feel this approach breeds success as the primary focus is always on developing character through the analysis, evaluation and creation of skill in our chosen artform.

What should fans expect from you this weekend?

This weekend fans will see the victorious return of The Educator. I will show that I have overcome the challenges of the last few years by embracing, confronting and attacking them. An attitude taught to me by my Coach and supported beyond comprehension by my family and friends.

Where would you like to be one year from today?

In 12 months from now I will be testing my spirit against the best in the world in the UFC.

What are your long-terms goals in MMA?

I will be World Champion.

Is there anyone who you’d like to thank while you have this opportunity?

I thank my Coach Dan Higgins, Steve and Elliot Compton, my homies Stewart Nicoll and Olivia Kett, all of my team mates as well as my family and friends who inspire, support and mean more to me than they will ever know.

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